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Chapter 259 Sir…. it’s been a while

And here, the energy had been largely absorbed by her and Fei Fei.

“It’s over, Sir!”

She wasn’t sure if there was something wrong with Gu Qing Yu’s body; after all, it had been severely damaged at first, but had been gradually repaired by her later, and now that she wasn’t in that body it was just a normal human shell, so maybe….

It was already dead!

What if it had been ruled dead, and then cremated?!

How was she supposed to get another body then?

Gu Qing Yu was anxious, but fortunately Fei Fei connected immediately to the internet, telling Gu Qing Yu, “Master, don’t worry. There is no news that Gu Qing Yu is dead online, so it seems your body is still fine.”

Although with Mu Xuan Qing’s power, he definitely had the means to do her funeral without word of it getting out, Gu Qing Yu felt that Sir had definitely not given up yet. After all, she was no ordinary person and Sir knew it!

She just wanted to get back to Sir as soon as possible.

Drifting swiftly across the ocean as an energy body, Gu Qing Yu soon located Mu Xuan Qing’s position and her body via Fei Fei.

Looking at her pale, bloodless body in the ice coffin, Gu Qing Yu was somewhat unable to look straight at it.

Then, she saw Mu Xuan Qing, who had scruff on his chin and looked incomparably as if he had been through the vicissitudes of life sit next to the ice coffin, look at her in the ice coffin…. and then, lean down to kiss her!

Gu Qing Yu stared wide-eyed.

The state of her body at the moment was too much for even her to look at, moreover it had been frozen for a month so it was definitely icy cold and most importantly, it was a corpse. The h*ll…. many people wouldn’t even dare to touch the corpse of their loved ones but he, he actually….

Kissed her corpse?!

Furthermore, she didn’t know why. She was clearly still an energy body at this moment and not in that body, yet as she looked at the scene in front of her, she suddenly felt the heat on her lips and her entire energy body became a little hot.

However, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

Sir…. it’s been a while.

Sure enough, after she died, he had really experienced the vicissitudes of life.

This left Gu Qing Yu with mixed emotions.

She suddenly remembered something Sir had said to her some time ago– ‘Without you, I will die’.

She hadn’t thought it was possible at that time, because she never thought that someone would be unable to live without another, nor had anyone on their planet ever felt that way.

But at this moment, it was as if she could feel it…

She stared at Mu Xuan Qing without taking her eyes off, her eyes full of attachment.

Because, she couldn’t seem to leave him either…

She wasn’t sure if she would want to disappear with Sir if he died, however when she had clearly had the chance to get a lot of energy to leave and to never need the energy from him again, she didn’t want to leave. The first thing she had wanted to do was to find Sir and the first thing she had thought of when she woke up, was also Sir. All she knew was that she didn’t want to leave him and that she wanted to stay by his side!

She couldn’t let Sir grieve so much for her and looking at Sir who had obviously lost a lot of weight and the food next to him which had obviously gone cold without having even been touched, Gu Qing Yu gritted her teeth and moved to enter her body, but found that the body seemed to be dead through and through, was completely inactive, and that even if she entered it, she wouldn’t be able to control the body, she frowned. She could only nourish it with a lot of energy first, and then repair it slowly.

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