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Chapter 106 Post on the forum

Gu Qing Yu didn’t know that she had already been targeted by Mu Ai. At this moment she was busy drawing the background of the animated movie she had promised Zhuang Zi Yi.

After visiting Zhuang Zi Yi’s company and understanding their needs, Gu Qing Yu spent a few days to quickly give him what he wanted. Actually, Zhuang Zi Yi’s movie animation scenes were well designed and most of the backgrounds were also very exquisite but they didn’t have the kind of magnificence and grandeur he wanted.

Gu Qing Yu painting gave him this feeling, which was why he had approached her.

“Junior sister, this is too great, what you’ve drawn is exactly what I want!”

Zhuang Zi Yi’s eyes glowed as he looked at the drawings she had sent over.

It was this feeling, the same as the one he’d had when he saw her painting that day, a feeling of the vastness of the universe….

Zhuang Zi Yi was so excited and eager to incorporate these drawings into his movie that he stood up without even eating and said, “Junior sister, thank you so much this time, you must come and see the movie on its premiere day…. I’ll have someone credit your fee to your card later.”

Gu Qing Yu nodded and watching him leave, she started thinking….

After watching the animated movie that day, she’d had the idea of making an animated movie of her own. Although making an animated movie wasn’t an easy task, what with requiring all sorts of different characters, drawing, special effects, and dubbing….. she wasn’t an ordinary person and animation was just animation. It was so easy, what did she need so many people for? She could do it all by herself!

She finished her meal slowly and methodically, then went back to school, carrying a few boxes she’d had delivered back to her dorm when met Shao Zihan halfway.

Shao Zihan was as helpful as ever, “Qing Yu, what are you doing buying so many things? Let me help you carry them over.”

“No need, class president…”

This stuff wasn’t heavy for her at all.

Before she could finish her words, she only saw Shao Zihan take the boxes from her hands and walk forward calmly.


Gu Qing Yu had to walk with him empty-handed, but for some reason, her walking with Shao Zihan drew a lot of people’s attention.

“Master, I just found out that there are posts about you and Shao Zihan on the forum of S University.” Fei Fei told her in their unique way of communication.

She and Shao Zihan?

They could only be considered classmates, right? Since when could they be tied together for gossip?

Gu Qing Yu was surprised.

It was only when Fei Fei told her about the content of the post that Gu Qing Yu realized that she was too much in the limelight, especially after she had been in the hot search before. She had become even more popular than she had already been in the whole S University, and when the matter of the video hadn’t been clarified in the first place, there were even many people from S University scolding her online, saying that she had tarnished the reputation of S University.

And this time, it was unknown who posted online that her engagement with her fiancé had been cancelled and that her engagement had been annulled. Moreover, it was also revealed that she was recently seen getting close to Shao Zihan, the school prince of the department of Fine Arts who’d had a crush on her in their freshman year but could only watch her from afar because she had a fiancé, but now that the situation was different, he was probably pursuing her.

The post also included a slew of pictures of she and Shao Zihan together. There was one of she and Shao Zihan in the classroom, where she was painting and Shao Zihan was looking at her, however that picture was ambiguous, because at that time she had been fixing her ruined painting and all the people were looking at the painting, but only Shao Zihan was looking at her….

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