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Chapter 197 I wouldn’t dare bother you

Madam Bai fell into her chair with mixed feelings.

After a while, Bai Xiuqi returned and when he saw her, he grunted expressionlessly and prepared to go upstairs.

Madam Bai said anxiously, “Where are you going? Aren’t you going to eat?”

“Eat? I wouldn’t dare bother you!”

Bai Xiuqi snorted coldly and went upstairs.

Madam Bai’s face turning pale, she gritted her teeth and went after him. “Old Bai, tell me clearly, what’s wrong with me treating her like this? She’s just the girlfriend of your eldest disciple yet you’re so biased towards her? What good is her talent if she has a bad character? Don’t tell me you’re even going to treat her like your daughter!”

Bai Xiuqi’s eyes narrowed, “I’m treating her this way because she’s my disciple and you’re being unreasonable! You say she has a bad character, but how come I can’t tell?”

“She stole Xiao Ai’s boyfriend and she broke her hamstring so that Ai could never paint again!” Madam Bai gasped, impatient to show Bai Xiuqi Gu Qing Yu’s true nature so he would hate her and preferably expel her from the school and take Ai back as his disciple…

But she didn’t expect that when she finished saying this, Bai Xiuqi’s face would darken, “Are you finished? I know about the Duan Xing Yuan affair. It’s obvious that the Duan family didn’t like the fact that Qing Yu wasn’t from a good enough family and wanted to climb up to the Mu family so they used the scandal that Qing Yu had already cleared up to break off his engagement with Qing Yu, who he had been engaged to for two years. As for the hamstring affair, don’t you know that it was Mu Ai who first had someone kidnap Qing Yu and wanted her hamstring to be cut so that she could never paint again?!”

He raised his voice, “If it wasn’t because I had taken a shine to her before, which caused Mu Ai to feel that her last chance had been taken away from her, she wouldn’t have gotten herself into trouble… I don’t care if it was Gu Qing Yu who caused Mu Ai’s hands to be this way, she’s to blame for what happened to her anyway! Mu Ai is the one who’s spoiled. Forget it that she’s sinister and vicious, she even reverses right with wrong! If you don’t know the truth and believe only one side of the story, then you are the one who is too gullible believing in someone else, not that someone has a bad character!”

“Chen Shiyun, I don’t care if you believe me or not, but as long as I’m here, Mu Ai will never enter our Bai family house nor will she ever become my disciple, no matter what her hand looks like! And if you are going to continue treating Qing Yu like this and cause me to lose face, then… there’s no need for us to stay together!”

Finishing with a cold expression on his face, Bai Xiuqi entered the studio expressionlessly, packed up some things and surprisingly called a car to leave.

As Madam Bai looked at the table of untouched dishes, her head was in turmoil.

Was what Bai Xiuqi said true? Was it true that Mu Ai had started everything? But, but…

When she thought of how kind and gentle Mu Ai had been to her and how much she had been like a daughter, she couldn’t bear to doubt her….

But, Xiuqi…

Madam Bai was a little devastated.

For half a month in a row, Bai Xiuqi didn’t go home.

He had a studio outside with a lounge inside which was clean enough that it wasn’t uncomfortable to sleep in, and even though it was a little difficult to eat without Madam Bai, Bai Xiuqi felt much more at ease.

Moreover, Gu Qing Yu would come over every day to learn how to paint with him and with such a talented person, Bai Xiuqi felt that he was several years younger again.

And it was probably because his girlfriend was here that his eldest disciple showed up a few times too and when he found out he was staying here, Mu Xuan Qing had the place made much more comfortable and invited a very good chef over to cook for them every day.

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6 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Well seems like his life is now perfect. Since his life has always been about art and that woman is pretty much just an arranged marriage so his family would shut up. Well hes old enough now to ignore them and can live his life how he wants. Especially now that he saw her trying to pillow talk him and what not

  2. I hate this painter, he had one arguement with his wife when she clearly didn’t know everything, and he decided to just leave without giving her a chance to clear up? He might be a great master in what he does, but he is shit in private it seems.

    1. You hate the painter because he’s angry that his wife, at this old age, is ignorant enough to belive and act upon a one sided story she heard from someone else? What, he’s supposed to condone willful ignorance and misplaced dislike? She was obviously headstrong in her belief and didn’t bother to address her concerns with her husband first, which would have solved any misunderstandings and misperceptions of she was open to listen.

  3. this is such a stupid arguement for an old couple like them. like madam bai is an idiot for being this old and being in this circle and not realize that things spoken to you by one party might not be the reality that the other experienced. she’s so easily persuaded and she isn’t a ypung and naive.

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