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Chapter 269 Mu Xuan Qing is a liar!

The shareholders felt that it was Father Gu who was too old to keep up with the times, so they agreed to the removal of Gu Wen Qiang from the company in a bold and unanimous manner.

Gu Wen Qiang had expected his daughter’s boyfriend to side with him, but to his surprise, Mu Xuan Qing simply ignored the issue and he realized later that Mu Xuan Qing had sold his shares to someone else at some point, so naturally the new shareholders weren’t on his side.

He still owned a large number of shares in the Gu Group and still received dividends from the company, but the company he had founded and developed was now no longer under his control, making Gu Wen Qiang, who had always considered the Gu Group as his life to feel as if his pride was being crushed. He felt uncomfortable doing nothing, his mind full of thoughts concerning the Gu Group. He hated Gu Qing Yu and Mu Xuan Qing and felt he had been deceived by them!

How could he have trusted strangers to be on his side?

He called Gu Qing Yu, only to discover that he couldn’t reach her at all, and so went straight to the school to look for her. However the people at the school informed him that she hadn’t been to school for over a month and had applied for early graduation. That daughter of his had just evaporated into thin air and he couldn’t find her no matter how hard he looked.

He also went to look for Mu Xuan Qing, but found that Mu Xuan Qing had also disappeared into thin air the same way he had appeared, what’s more he couldn’t find any information about him. Even the friend who had told him that the Mu family had a younger son from the old man’s generation also said that he might have misremembered, and that there was no such person.

Gu Wen Qiang even went directly to the Mu family, but Mu Xuan Lin didn’t want to see him and the housekeeper told him flatly that no such person existed and asked him to leave.

This was the last straw that ignited Gu Wen Qiang’s fury. He felt that he and Gu Qing Yu must have been deceived. That guy called Mu Xuan Qing was definitely a fraud who had been stalking their Gu family, but Gu Qing Yu was too naive and easily deceived by others. Perhaps by now, he might have even tricked her into going abroad!

Gu Wen Qiang had planned to call the police but then realized that if he made a fuss about this, his reputation would be even worse and the people at the Gu Group would be even less likely to let him back in his position as the president of the Gu Group.

He could simply pretend that Gu Qing Yu didn’t exist. She had already been deceived by that con artist called Mu Xuan Qing anyway, so whatever life she chose was entirely up to her. He would never leave his family’s fortune to her and that con artist anyway!

However he didn’t expect that Gu Qing Yu would reappear before him so soon, and with Mu Xuan Qing the liar in tow!

“Liar, you’re not even from the Mu family and you two still have the face to come to my house…. Get out, get out!”

Gu Wen Qiang was clearly inebriated. He had been very disheveled during this period of time because of his career disappointment, whenever he went out and met his acquaintances, he felt that if they looked at him more than once they were laughing at him, so he simply didn’t go out, shutting himself up inside and drinking to numb himself.

That was why when he saw Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu, he looked sottish as he roared at them.

Gu Qing Yu looked at Gu Wen Qiang in front of her. Actually, she had come over today not only to take away the original owner’s things, but also for another important reason….

She wanted to make her and Sir’s future life free of worries, so that Gu Wen Qiang would no longer be a nuisance.

“Sir, wait for me.”

Gu Qing Yu said to Mu Xuan Qing.

Mu Xuan Qing nodded and keeping a distance, watched as Gu Qing Yu walked towards Gu Wen Qiang.

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