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Chapter 129 Sir, it’s your niece who did it.

“Miss Mu Ai will soon be engaged to Duan Xing Yuan and she originally wanted to take Master Bai Xiuqi as her master, moreover Master Bai’s attitude had softened somewhat in the past two years, but then Miss Gu appeared…”

Chen Ran didn’t go on, because Sir knew the rest.

The expression on Mu Xuan Qing’s face sank.

Just because of a man, and just because she didn’t get the opportunity to study with a master as she had originally intended because of her lack of talent, she was taking it out on others? Even so vicious as to try to get a second chance by destroying the other person?

When did the upbringing of the Mu family become so bad?

Mu Xuan Qing didn’t care about the Mu family’s affairs, but also knew that because of the connection they had with him, the Mu family had received a lot of conveniences over the years. Whenever the Mu family encountered any problems, he would immediately let his subordinates solve the problem, which was also the reason why the Mu family had developed so smoothly over the years…

But that didn’t mean that he would indulge all the members of the Mu family because of their relationship!

Chen Ran knew that Mu Xuan Qing would be furious, but he was still a bit unclear about what Sir would do. After all, over the years, Mu Xuanlin had been running the Mu family very well and most of the youngsters in the family were also very good, low-key and peaceful, hence there was no need for them to worry about such things. Unexpectedly, a person like Mu Ai appeared…..

Sir’s niece doing something like this to the woman he liked…..

What would Sir do?

Mu Xuan Qing’s face was cold as he said, “Don’t tell anyone from the Mu family about this matter for the time being.”

Chen Ran’s eyes flickered.

He shouldn’t let the Mu family know about this matter for the time being… it seems things wouldn’t end so easily.

If the Mu family was notified, the most Mu Ai would probably get would be a ‘good’ lecture from the Mu family, a small punishment, or being thrown abroad…

But it was clear that Sir didn’t intend to let this matter go unanswered.

Mu Xuan Qing lowered his eyelashes. It was impossible for him to take action against the younger members of the family, but since she had done something wrong, she naturally had to be taught a lesson….

And the best person to do that, was…

Gu Qing Yu.

Just as this thought came to mind, Chen Ran suddenly said, “Sir, Miss Gu has come downstairs.”

Mu Xuan Qing thought for a moment then ordered, “Follow her.”

What was she doing out alone this late? She’d just run into danger today, wasn’t she afraid she’d run into it again…

But it was understandable, as she wasn’t afraid of any danger.

The reason why he had appeared at the entrance of the neighborhood today, was because of the call he had received from Mu Yi and Mu Er….

He had asked Mu Yi and Mu Er to keep an eye on her at first to find out what she was up to, but then later it slowly turned into protecting her…

However, it wasn’t possible to keep people watching over her like this, because wasn’t that an invasion of her privacy? He had already wanted to ask Mu Yi and Mu Er to withdraw, but unexpectedly, they suddenly reported that a couple of thugs had stopped Gu Qing Yu…

At that time, Mu Xuan Qing had been a little nervous as he’d asked, “She’s not hurt, is she?!”

Mu Yi had responded in a strange tone, “Sir, we were about to act at that time… but Miss Gu took action herself.”

Mu Yi and Mu Er were really shocked. Gu Qing Yu really looked like a soft and fragile beauty, moreover she looked like the kind whose eyes would easily turn red like a small animal, and was in great need of protection, but they never expected that she could take three men down by herself!

And she did it with such ease, with skills that didn’t seem to lose to theirs at all, but rather like…


A little bit like him.

Sir didn’t strike often, but when he did, it was also like this. Both god like and unpredictable, so fast that it was shocking.

After Mu Xuan Qing knew about this, although he knew that Gu Qing Yu had already finished dealing with those thugs, he had still rushed over.

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  1. So he knew but just accepted that being another part of her. How nice, well time to make a move. Also I liked how she made her computer look normal on the outside

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