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Chapter 293 Retaliation

Shao Zi Han was immensely regretful. He could vaguely guess who it was that was dealing with him, but he was so tired of dealing with those who came to find trouble with him that he couldn’t go to Gu Qing Yu and Mu Xuan Qing, and even if he had the time, he wouldn’t have the chance to see them that is.

When Lin Xiaoyi found out about the incident, she was delighted.

She had been disfigured by Zhuang Jing who was in Australia and had only managed to get her face fixed so even Shao Zi Han wouldn’t be able to recognize her, however she was no longer obsessed with him. Instead, she now hated him.

Thinking about it carefully, if it wasn’t for the fact that Shao Zi Han had been concentratedly nice to her at the very beginning, she wouldn’t have thought that he was interested in her, causing her to have good feelings for him, making it so that when she found out that Shao Zi Han actually preferred Gu Qing Yu, she started to hate Gu Qing Yu and frantically seized every little opportunity she got to mess with Gu Qing Yu …… how would she have gotten to this point?

In actual fact, Lin Xiaoyi was deceiving herself, because even without Shao Zi Han, she would have still been jealous of Gu Qing Yu and coveted her possessions. So things would have been the same with or without Shao Zi Han.

She was only trying to find herself someone to hate after suffering so much.

Gu Qing Yu had long become a high existence out of her reach, and she knew that she might not even see Gu Qing Yu in person in her lifetime, so she could only transfer her hate to Shao Zi Han and Zhuang Jing.

Now that Shao Zi Han was in such dire straits, Lin Xiaoyi was secretly happy, but still felt that it wasn’t enough.

If it wasn’t for him, how could Zhuang Jing still not let her go even though she was across the ocean?

Lin Xiaoyi wanted to get back at Zhuang Jing and Shao Zi Han.

Shao Zi Han’s current situation was so bad that even though the few confidantes who were still willing to stay with him and still willing to support him purchased his paintings, his career was still ruined and his company’s shareholders didn’t believe in him anymore and fearing that whatever film he made now would definitely be boycotted, banded together to kick him out of the company he had founded with his own hands. His few confidantes’ purchasing power was limited; at most, they bought one or two paintings every few months, but how could that be enough to cover his expenses?

There were even some women who attempted to raise him, but how was Shao Zi Han willing to be a little fresh meat? What he enjoyed was the feeling of being uplifted by several women while he played with their bodies and minds, so naturally, Shao Zi Han refused. In the past, even if he was being ambiguous, these women would still be willing to support him and even treat him better, but now that they knew his true nature, how could they still be willing to do so? Hence Shao Zi Han’s life started getting worse and worse during this period.

Lin Xiaoyi had been following Shao Zi Han for several years without a name or a status and so was the one who knew him the best. Shao Zi Han needed a way to vent his frustrations of being belittled in front of so many women, and the docile and obedient Lin Xiaoyi was the most suitable person for this purpose.

She knew that Shao Zi Han still desperately wanted to make a comeback, and the way he could do so…

Was naturally through women.

She hated Zhuang Jing anyway, so Lin Xiaoyi bought one of Shao Zi Han’s paintings using Zhuang Jing’s name with all the money she had left.

Very few people were willing to spend so much money on his paintings nowadays, hence Shao Zi Han was delighted and paid attention to the buyer, and when he found out that the buyer was someone who had pursued him in university and contributed to his initial career development, but was eventually imprisoned for her wrongdoing, Shao Zi Han was even a little smug.

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