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Chapter 183 Since you’ve invited me, then I won’t be polite…

Gu Qing Yu was a little confused, but she still thought hard before concluding:

“It just… itches?”

“It just… itches?” Mu Xuan Qing sounded a little dangerous.

Gu Qing Yu however didn’t notice this as she continued to think about it, “A bit…. like my family’s big dog? Sir, have you seen my dog, it’s big and cute…”

Like a dog?

And, at a time like this, what pet could she be thinking of and ignoring him?

Was she, at this moment discussing domestic trivialities with him?

It seemed that he was too gentle with her, too gentle that she didn’t feel his dangerousness yet.

With a slight force of his teeth, Gu Qing Yu shrank a little and tried to avoid him, “Sir~ it hurts…”

But he kept biting, without the slightest intention of letting her go.

It really hurt.

This body was so d*mn sensitive– Gu Qing Yu’s eyes turned red instantly. This pitiful look did give Mu Xuan Qing a few moments of satisfaction as he let go of her and sat directly in front of her, looking at her.

“Gu Qing Yu, I’m definitely not some kind of obedient dog…”

She froze for a moment.

“I’m a wolf, the kind that can eat you up in one bite…”

His voice was slightly muffled, his eyes burning into hers.

Gu Qing Yu shrank back, “Sir~ Are you going to eat me too? Is my blood, also good for you? Then Sir, go ahead and drink it… but you can’t drink too much at once oh, I’ve heard that normal humans can’t recover full blood instantly like you do, and losing too much blood can kill them.”

She then added in a serious manner, “Sir, I don’t want to die.”


How could…

Mu Xuan Qing looked at her and simply laughed and laughed, hit by her cuteness so much that he couldn’t say anything.

He felt that the girl in front of him simply made him feel helpless. How could she say something like ‘then Sir, go ahead and drink it’ to him when she knew she might die?

But he most likely understood what she meant; she probably felt that since she had drunk his blood, then it wasn’t too much for him to drink hers as well.

She was fair, but too cute.

He lifted her chin gently, “Since you’ve invited me, then I won’t be polite ……”

Gu Qing Yu was about to say something when his mouth blocked hers. Unable to speak, her eyes could only widen as she stared at his face that had come close.

In the past, his kisses had always been light, but this time, it was so intense that she was a little confused, and, so long that she felt like she was about to suffocate…


Her voice was a little weak and soft, with a kind of seductive quality to it that even she herself didn’t notice.

“Sir, isn’t it… blood that you want?”

She was still a little confused, but more than that, she was puzzled.


He told her with a straight face, “I’m not like the average human, I don’t like drinking blood.”

“But… I’ve checked, the average human…. doesn’t like drinking blood in the first place. At least, not the blood of their own kind.”

Mu Xuan Qing let out a low laugh, “Gu Qing Yu, why are you so cute?”

He said what she had just said to her, and at this moment Gu Qing Yu’s heart felt as if it had been gently brushed by a feather, tickling as if it was there, making her want to scratch it, but unable to do so.

This strange feeling made her a little uncomfortable, yet it was clear to her that she didn’t seem to hate this feeling.

“Don’t worry, I won’t drink your blood.”
He said as he stroked her head. Gu Qing Yu looked up at him, “Then Sir, how do you plan to eat?”

Mu Xuan Qing had already been planning to stop, but hearing this, his eyelashes fluttered and he leaned down…

“Eat like this.”

The result of this day was that Gu Qing Yu’s lips were so swollen that she didn’t dare eat spicy food in the night.

She frowned as she glared at Mu Xuan Qing, “Sir, you’re a bad person!”

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2 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. It’s a dog! No, it’s a wolf! No, it’s a BAD person! Is this the standard evolutionary process for the ML in the eyes of a naive CN FL?

    Thank you for the chapter!

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