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Chapter 194 Little badass

The host and the guests laughed in tandem, and Duan Xing Yuan looked at Mu Ai, “I’m sorry.”

No matter what, what he had just done was really wrong.

Mu Ai grunted with a cold look in her eyes, her expression dark as she kept silent.

And with that, the wedding ended on such a weird note.

Mu Ai thought she would have a chance to get close to this legendary little uncle, but to her surprise, apart from the greeting moment when she had been startled by Gu Qing Yu at the beginning, she didn’t see Mu Xuan Qing again at all after that, because when she turned her head the moment the saying of their vows had just been completed, Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu’s figures were no where to be found.

“Sir, I’m thinking they will be furious if we just leave like this!” Gu Qing Yu was in a happy mood when she thought of Mu Ai’s expression at this moment.

“They can be furious if they want to, what matters the most is that you’re happy.” Mu Xuan Qing looked at her dotingly.

Gu Qing Yu narrowed her eyes, “Sir~ if you treat me so well, I’ll become arrogant from your pampering!”

Mu Xuan Qing couldn’t help but smile at his words, gently stroking her head as he said, “Then become arrogant. You’re mine, so you’re naturally you can be arrogant.”

“Sir~ Are you condoning me being a bad person?” She smiled delightedly.

“No, you don’t actively do bad things, so you’re not a bad person. And even if you are, you’re still a cute little badass that I like.”

He touched her nose, and Gu Qing Yu instantly had the illusion that she was being spoiled like a daughter.

A bad person, a little badass and whatnot….

That was quite a long way ahead…

“Sir~ If I learn to be bad, it would be because you infected me, after all, those who are close to ink become black.” Gu Qing Yu said with a cheeky smile.

“That wouldn’t be bad either.”

He nodded, “Remember to learn the essence, my people can’t be bullied by others!”

She nodded obediently, her eyes shining like a mischievous little fox.

The matter with Duan Xing Yuan was now over. She had shown her face with Sir, so he probably wouldn’t dare to have any more thoughts about her, but Mu Ai would probably still not be resigned, however there was nothing she could do now.

Oh, it wasn’t that there was nothing she could do; at the very least, she could create a little trouble for her.

Gu Qing Yu had been studying painting with Bai Xiuqi at his home for a while now. There were young people like her every year, but only Mu Ai had been able to go to his house for a long time.

Because Madam Bai was old and her son wasn’t around, she treated Mu Ai like her own daughter as she didn’t have one. Previously, the reason why Bai Xiuqi had been thinking of making do and taking Mu Ai as his last closed disciple was because Madam Bai had swayed him through pillow talk.

As she had a good relationship with Second Madam Mu, she had attended Mu Ai’s wedding, and also met Gu Qing Yu. She was aware of Mu Xuan Qing’s existence, but although she had met Mu Xuan Qing, her impression of him had been when he was a teenager, hence she didn’t recognize him as Bai Xiuqi had accepted him as a disciple before they even got married.

She could see that Mu Xuan Qing’s status wasn’t ordinary, and it was Gu Qing Yu’s position as the woman brought over by Mu Xuan Qing that made so many people respect her.

After a few casual remarks by Second Madam Mu, Madam Bai felt that Gu Qing Yu was a typical example of a sparrow becoming a phoenix after climbing up the ladder of power.

When she found out that Gu Qing Yu had once been Duan Xing Yuan’s fiancée, she felt even more that she wasn’t worth it. So because this girl called Gu Qing Yu had been abandoned by Mu Ai’s husband, she had brought a more powerful man to the wedding to look for trouble?

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