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Chapter 33 I really love him

She sighed, “Shen Cheng has already blacklisted me and all my relatives and friends mock me. Even my mother thinks I’m a disgrace… I have to wear sunglasses and masks when I go out now because I get scolded when I’m recognized….”

What she was saying was her true situation, but she didn’t say that now that she had an income, these things just didn’t matter anymore.

Gu Qing Chen lowered her eyes, “In that case… have you ever thought about going abroad?”

“Going abroad?” Lin Han Jiao’s eyes flashed.

“Yes…. my father has a friend in South Africa. His family is very rich and he’s in the diamond mining business… He divorced a few years ago and has no children…”

Gu Qing Chen said tentatively: “If someone can give birth to a child for him, just like that, the mother will become a rich person because of her child. I heard that his ex-wife took one of his diamond mines when they split up… now she’s in the jewelry business, has snagged a small fresh meat and has become a rich woman herself.”

Lin Han Jiao understood what she meant instantly.

Sure enough, it was just as Gu Qing Yu said. Gu Qing Chen wanted her to marry the man in South Africa on her behalf…

If she had never been to Gu Qing Yu’s company and discovered that she could make so much money in a day or if she was still in the situation where she was spurned by thousands of people…

Then she might have been tempted. Maybe in order to escape the difficult situation she was currently facing in the country, she would have gone abroad with gratitude towards Gu Qing Chen.


The situation was different now.

She could make money on her own, moreover if that rich businessman in South Africa was really as good as Gu Qing Chen was saying, then why didn’t she marry him herself?

She was silent for a while then shook her head, “Qing Chen, my father is sick… he has already been admitted to the hospital and I don’t want to leave him… After going abroad, it will be difficult for me to come back to see him.”

Gu Qing Chen’s smile suddenly stiffened, “But, Jiao Jiao, your father is sick and has been hospitalized so you should be very short of money, right? If you marry that rich businessman, you’ll have money and your father can go to a better hospital and receive better treatment… Perhaps when you return home in a few years, your father’s illness would have been healed completely right? Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your family for you.”

Lin Han Jiao still shook her head, “No, Qing Chen, I can’t bear to leave my father… Although I’m having a hard time now, I can at least see him every month… Qing Chen, I’m sorry I let you down. I know you’ve always been doing things for my sake that’s why you keep on introducing boyfriends to me, but after what happened with Shen Cheng… I’m really scared. Qing Chen, I’m sorry.”

As she spoke of Shen Cheng, tears streamed down her face, “Shen Cheng… completely ignores me now, I can’t even say sorry to him… I want to explain to him that I always thought he knew that I’ve had plastic surgery. Don’t you always tell me that my plastic surgery is cool and that there’s nothing wrong with people pursuing beauty? I thought he had the same mindset and that he didn’t mind… I never meant to deceive him…”

She was crying very sadly, but Gu Qing Chen was extremely annoyed.

She came here today to try to convince Lin Han Jiao to marry Chen Anguo on her behalf, not to listen to her complaints.

Moreover, she was also a little irritated at the mention of Shen Cheng, who was now treating her in a lukewarm manner.

Lin Han Jiao cried even more sadly and stretched out her hand to hold the reluctant Gu Qing Chen’s hand, looking at her as if she was her good girlfriend and said: “Qing Chen, can you help me? Can you explain to Shen Cheng for me? I really didn’t mean to hide it from him, I really love him…”

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