Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 52 Choice

He didn’t understand why the old man had changed his attitude now when he had clearly approved of them earlier…..

“That’s because Gu Qing Yu has changed. She’s no longer your future wife who wouldn’t cause any trouble or stress, she’s now a nuisance, her family is a nuisance, and her current personality is a nuisance that will explode sooner or later!”

Elder Duan’s face turned cold. After meeting Gu Qing Yu, it made him even more determined not to let her marry into their Duan family.

It would have been fine if she was easy to manipulate, but looking at her attitude and composure just now, where did she look like someone who could be manipulated easily?

He now felt that this girl had a very deep heart, otherwise, how could she have fooled even him two years ago?

Duan Xing Yuan took a deep breath, his eyes were red with anger, “But if grandpa hadn’t hindered us, we wouldn’t have had all this trouble at all!”

“You think there wouldn’t have been any trouble?” Elder Duan sneered, “Because of the ring Sir Mu gave you, in less than a day’s time, almost every major family in the imperial capital has contacted me, all wanting to marry their family’s daughters to you and among them even the Mu family!”

Duan Xing Yuan froze for a long time.

“The Mu family…”

From the information his grandfather had given him last night, he already knew who that Sir really was and just how much power he held. It could even be said that as long as they got his favour, their Duan family would be able to stand proud in the whole of China in the future…

The Mu family had always been a relatively low-key family, to the extent that many people didn’t even know the existence of the powerful and nearly invincible Sir Mu. It wasn’t that they were ignorant, but that they simply didn’t have the qualifications to know.

How could Elder Duan not know the child he had raised? He could see that his grandson’s heart had already begun to waver when he heard the words ‘Mu family’…..

“That’s right, the old man of the Mu family contacted me as well and mentioned his granddaughter Mu Ai. However, Xiao Yuan, I have to remind you of one thing….”

Elder Duan narrowed his eyes and told him seriously, “If you want to choose the young lady of the Mu family, you can’t have any more involvement with Gu Qing Yu! Otherwise, not only will you not be able to get anything from Sir, you might also harm our entire Duan family!”

Duan Xing Yuan’s eyes flashed.

“So, you have to decide. If you choose Mu Ai, you can’t see Gu Qing Yu again, otherwise, the entire Duan family would be finished and so would Gu Qing Yu. If you choose the precious daughters of the other families in the imperial capital, because of their fear of Sir’s existence, even if you really have something to do with Gu Qing Yu, they won’t dare do anything.”

Duan Xing Yuan was silent.

He had forgotten completely that he was still fighting with Elder Duan to marry Gu Qing Yu earlier, because now that the Mu family was involved, his thoughts began to follow Elder Duan’s….

It was no longer whether he could marry Gu Qing Yu or not, rather, whether he could marry Miss Mu and still keep in touch with Gu Qing Yu at the same time.

And the final conclusion he came to was: no.

So, it was either he chose Mu Ai or chose a precious daughter from another family in the imperial capital and Gu Qing Yu, who he had been considering a while ago had already been ruled out completely by him because of Elder Duan’s words.

Duan Xing Yuan didn’t pay much attention to this, or rather, he noticed it but as soon as he thought of the possibility of climbing high by getting involved with the Mu family and having a relationship with that Sir, he automatically ignored this issue…

When the old man saw this, he was satisfied.

The grandson he had raised from childhood was really just like him!

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4 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. And then the next thing he finds out is that the girl he dumped so he can climb higher under Sir gets together with Sir.
    I wonder how he’ll react to that…

  2. Our ML only needed to give a ring to this guy to stop the engagement lmao. It’s like checkmate with one move for him *clap clap*

  3. I can’t wait to see the Mu Family reunion after ML successfully courting MC. Duan’s face must be priceless when he saw his ex-fianceé attending the banquet as Sir’s wife (or fianceé).

  4. “his grandson was just like him” yeah, you’re both trash. Jesus fucking christ what a piece of shit. you love this girl sooooo much but the instant you might get some more benefits, you throw her away? fuck you dude

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