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Chapter 34 Boss, I’m entrusting myself to you!

When Gu Qing Chen felt Lin Han Jiao wiping her tears and snot on her hands as she cried, she almost threw up.

This ugly plastic surgery girl actually still missed Shen Cheng. That was also true, her simplicity was different from her outward appearance, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to deceive her so easily….

It was just that now, her innocence and infatuation had become a hindrance to her. She originally thought that Lin Han Jiao would care about money more than her feelings, but she didn’t expect…

It seemed if the soft way wouldn’t work, then the hard way would be the answer.

It didn’t matter, in the future, Lin Han Jiao would definitely appreciate her!

She took her hand back, not even batting an eyelid and placed it under the table, a little nauseated. Pulling out a few tissues, she wiped them with unparalleled disgust.

Lin Han Jiao looked at her unconcealed disgust and sneered in her heart, only taking it in stride, “Qing Chen, I’m going to the restroom…”

Gu Qing Chen nodded with an insincere smile. Seeing her enter the restroom, she took her phone out, “Mom, she’s not listening…. let your people come over!”

It was simply impossible for her to do such a thing today without Mrs. Gu’s support.

As soon as Lin Han Jiao entered the restroom, she pulled her cell phone out and called Gu Qing Yu:

“Boss, she really does want me to go to South Africa to marry on her behalf! Boss, I didn’t say yes, I want to follow you with all my heart in the future!”

Lin Han Jiao spoke to Gu Qing Yu as if she was showing her loyalty.

Gu Qing Yu who was on the other end chuckled softly, this Lin Han Jiao was really cute.

“She has already called someone to come over. When you go out, someone will kidnap you… but don’t worry, everything is within the plan.”

Lin Han Jiao’s heart raced, then she took a deep breath, “Boss, I’m entrusting myself to you! You have to protect me well!”

Gu Qing Yu nodded, “Don’t worry.”

Lin Han Jiao gritted her teeth and went out. As soon as she returned to her seat, Gu Qing Chen said, “Jiao Jiao, my mother wants me to go over urgently, so let’s met another time. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to Shen Cheng…”

Lin Han Jiao held her hand, a grateful expression on her face, “Qing Chen, thank you so much…”

Gu Qing Chen withdrew her hand calmly and left.

Lin Han Jiao walked out slowly. Who knew that when she arrived at a place with no surveillance on the side of the road to wait for a cab she had paid for through an online cab service, a van would suddenly stop in front of her. The door opened and a hand reached out from inside, trying to pull her in as it grabbed her arm!

Lin Han Jiao, who had been mentally prepared a long time ago screamed. However at this moment, she was actually panicking in her heart a little. She wanted to trust Gu Qing Yu completely, but what if Gu Qing Yu wasn’t able to stop them in time and she was kidnapped? Then she would be completely helpless.

But she still gritted her teeth and decided to trust Gu Qing Yu.

At the other end, Gu Qing Yu looked at the monitor and made a call. The two bodyguards who had been prepared in the corner rushed forward immediately and pulled Lin Han Jiao back. The thugs Gu Qing Chen had hired fought with the bodyguards and Lin Han Jiao took advantage of the chaos to rush into the cafe, shivering.

Fortunately… fortunately, she made the right bet.


Fortunately, Gu Qing Yu was willing to save her.

With red eyes, she directly asked the staff in the shop to call the police and ten minutes later, the police took both the hired thugs and Lin Han Jiao away. She gave Gu Qing Chen up directly and she was also taken away.

“You did well.”

Gu Qing Yu looked at Lin Han Jiao and said with a smile, “Don’t worry. This time, you’ll be popular for sure.”

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