Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 23 Do you two think I’m stupid?!

Duan Xing Yuan’s tone on the phone was very cold. When he thought of the fact that his relationship with Gu Qing Yu had become like this because of Gu Qing Chen, he wanted to kill her.

He knew that Gu Wen Qiang wasn’t biased towards any of his two daughters, and even preferred Gu Qing Yu a little more because she was more beautiful and could bring him more benefits.

However, he wasn’t, and didn’t have to!

With Mrs. Gu around, Gu Qing Chen might just apologize to turn this big issue into a smaller and trivial issue for it to disappear.

A trivial issue? His, Duan Xing Yuan’s woman wasn’t a trivial issue!

That was simply an offense to his dignity!

He actually knew that a large part of the reason Gu Qing Chen did this was because of him. That woman’s eyes had been very obvious since she was fourteen.

However she wasn’t as attractive as Gu Qing Yu, nor was she as smart as her. Moreover she was even so vicious, how could he possibly like her?

The Gu family was weak compared to the Duan family. If it hadn’t been for Gu Qing Yu, he would have never come to S City. He looked down on the Gu family. If it hadn’t been for his insistence, the Duan family wouldn’t have agreed to his engagement to Gu Qing Yu.

He had insisted on the engagement between him and Gu Qing Yu, so how could that Gu Qing Chen be so stupid as to think that without her sister, he would fall in love with her?

That woman was not only vicious, but also stupid to a certain level.

But he believed that Gu Wen Qiang wasn’t stupid, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to become the richest man in S City and the president of a well-known company from a poor boy.

Duan Xing Yuan didn’t guess wrong, Gu Wen Qiang was indeed not stupid.

Gu Wen Qiang knew that the Gu family was able to establish a relationship with the Duan family because of Gu Qing Yu.

If there was no Gu Qing Yu, Duan Xing Yuan wouldn’t even choose Gu Qing Chen. With his status as the eldest son of the Duan family, he could return to the imperial capital where there were a lot of famous ladies who wanted to become the young madam of the Duan family.

Since Duan Xing Yuan wanted him to deal with Gu Qing Chen, he would definitely do it.

Moreover, he was also very dissatisfied with Gu Qing Chen doing such things that harmed the interests of the Gu family.

It was fine if she didn’t like Gu Qing Yu and he didn’t care what other means she used, but she should have never tried to ruin Gu Qing Yu’s marriage. That was going against him, Gu Wen Qiang!

When he returned home in the evening, he saw Gu Qing Chen and Mrs. Gu trying on dresses right there, laughing happily.

Suddenly angry, he strode forward and slapped Gu Qing Chen in the face directly!

“Dad… what’s wrong with you…”

Gu Qing Chen was caught off guard, her eyes red as she covered her face and looked at him, voice trembling.

“You still dare to ask why?! All of China knows about how you framed your sister! Now everyone is saying that I, Gu Wen Qiang can’t even manage a small family well. Do you know how much the company has been affected?!”

Gu Wen Qiang slapped her again angrily. Gu Qing Chen’s face swelled, tears falling from the pain. Mrs. Gu’s face changed and she stepped forward hurriedly to protect Gu Qing Chen behind her, to trying to calm him down at the same time:

“Wen Qiang, don’t be angry. It’s a misunderstanding. It’s that Shen Cheng who mistook that woman for Qing Yu. Qing Chen didn’t know…”

With a ‘pop’, she was also slapped severely in the face by Gu Wen Qiang and because she was petite she fell onto the mahogany sofa, hit her waist and couldn’t stand up due to the pain.

“Do you two think I’m stupid?” Gu Wen Qiang gritted his teeth: “I used to indulge you because you were smart and didn’t violate the interests of the company.”

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  1. It looks like the perspective changes half way through the chapter, but I can’t tell when it’s supposed to.

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