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Chapter 206 Money begot money

Zhuang Zi Yi went back and accused Zhuang Jing, which enraged the disgraced Zhuang Jing, and the two siblings got into a fight. Zhuang Zi Yi, somewhat helplessly, apologized on Zhuang Jing’s behalf to Gu Qing Yu, but Gu Qing Yu didn’t take it seriously.

Summer had already passed and the special effects for [The Summit] had also been completed. As it was already September, [The Summit] which was already being promoted everywhere, was set to be released on October, National Day.

The insiders had always been better informed. They knew that the film, on which LILA had spent hundreds of millions of yuan to hire a movie emperor and a movie queen, had enlisted the services of Fei Fei Studio to handle the special effects. And after seeing LILA’s reaction to the trailer, they knew Fei Fei’s special effects team had done a good job and that their price was only a third of what Hollywood wanted, the time spent completing the work was only half that of Hollywood’s. Moreover the result was even better than that of Hollywood’s, so more movie companies approached Gu Qing Yu.

In any case, with her planet’s technology, such special effects could be done in a matter of days, hence Gu Qing Yu didn’t hesitate to take on a project as long as the movie’s quality was acceptable and the other party was honest enough.

In just a few months, Gu Qing Yu’s savings had doubled as a result of her work doing special effects for movies, and now money was no longer an issue for her.

She also knew how to use money to make money.

With Fei Fei around and having created their planet’s smart brain, no information on Earth that was put online could escape her. The smart brain she created gathered it and Fei Fei integrated it, allowing her to easily find out a lot of information she wanted to know simply by saying a keyword.

Many industries profited from information assimilation, so Gu Qing Yu, whose information was superior to others’, could easily profit from this information.

She entered the stock market and, using the most recent information available, managed to buy some stocks at the lowest possible price and sold them at nearly the highest possible price, easily doubling her capital.

Gu Wen Qiang was the richest man in the small S City, his assets adding up to at least tens of billions of yuan, but it was his decades of accumulation and one he had always been proud of, and despite the fact that he had no sons, he had no intention of passing it on to his two daughters, who he saw as nothing more than tools to gain more profit for him.

But he didn’t know that Gu Qing Yu didn’t want his money at all; she wanted to destroy Gu Wen Qiang’s company as revenge, but had no intention of taking over the company he loved the most; The Gu Group, which was as important to him as his life, was worthless in Gu Qing Yu’s eyes.

If Gu Wen Qiang knew that Gu Qing Yu had earned half of his entire assets in just six months, he would probably collapse to the point of doubting life.

Even if Gu Wen Qiang knew that, he wouldn’t believe Gu Qing Yu earned it on her own; instead, he would assume Mu Xuan Qing had asked her to hold on to it for him temporarily; after all, this mysterious boyfriend of Gu Qing Yu’s was a powerful married man in Gu Wen Qiang’s eyes, and it was normal for such a man to need someone else to hold on to some of his family assets for him in case he got divorced and didn’t want to share it with his wife.

Gu Wen Qiang had always been prepared for such an occurrence as well, but had since divorced Madam Gu, so there was no need to continue being on guard.

After all, he too, didn’t trust the ones he had previously entrusted his belongings to.

Gu Wen Qiang had been having a difficult time recently.

After Duan Xing Yuan withdrew his investment, the Chen family, whom he had hoped to befriend, was also left with a case of tax evasion and other criminal operations, causing the Chen family to decline completely.

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