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Chapter 193 Was he crazy?!

Duan Xing Yuan even looked a bit lost and fidgety!

Those plastic friends of hers were probably laughing at her in their hearts, because Gu Qing Yu had been on the hot search a few times before and they had just recognized her, so they definitely knew why Duan Xing Yuan looked lost….

Mu Ai forced herself to hold back her hatred for Gu Qing Yu and walked towards Duan Xing Yuan with a strong pretense of happiness.

But what she couldn’t stand was Duan Xing Yuan’s hesitation when the host asked if they were willing to be with each other for life, no matter how rich or poor they were!

She stared at Duan Xing Yuan with wide eyes, not daring to believe what was happening.

Was he crazy?!

If he didn’t want to marry her, he should have said so earlier. Now that it was their wedding day, did he want to make her a laughing stock in the eyes of everyone present?!

The people in the room started whispering together, not having expected this to happen.

Father Duan and Elder Duan both got a little anxious, while Mu Xuan Yang’s face turned black straight away.

If this kid surnamed Duan didn’t want to marry Mu Ai, he should have just said so. It wasn’t like no one wanted their Mu family’s daughter, on the contrary, because of Mu Xuan Qing’s existence, a lot of people wanted to marry her, which might have saved them a lot of trouble.

What’s more, this marriage had been proposed by the Duan family themselves and although they knew that the Duan family had their own agenda in proposing the marriage, and that they themselves had had their own agenda in agreeing to Duan Xing Yuan marrying Mu Ai, it didn’t mean that he could treat their daughter like this. This wasn’t just a slap in their face, it was also a slap in the face for the Mu family as well!

Mu Xuan Lin’s face was also a bit unpleasant.

Although he didn’t have much affection for Mu Ai and only treated her as an average junior in the family, it didn’t mean he was willing to let others bully their Mu family members!

He looked at Duan Xing Yuan with an icy expression.

It was only when Father Duan tugged Duan Xing Yuan that he woke up as if from a dream, and when he met the gazes of the people around him, he realized that he had just done something stupid.

Yes, his mind hadn’t been able to help but wander off when he’d heard the vow just now. He’d thought of how they had also made a vow to each other when he and Gu Qing Yu were engaged to be married and how they had promised to be together for the rest of their lives, but now, they both had other people by their sides ……

That was why he had gone off on a tangent.

When he came back to his senses, he met Mu Xuan Lin’s icy eyes, then looked at Mu Xuan Qing’s smiling appearance and then at Gu Qing Yu beside him ……

Gu Qing Yu yawned, and Mu Xuan Qing was immediately distracted, whispering something to her in a low voice.

The two of them looked like a perfect match, one beyond compare.

He understood clearly that she was already Sir’s person and that no matter what the truth was, or whether she could stay by Sir’s side all the time in the future, it was impossible for her to return to him, and even if they were separated in the future, he wouldn’t dare to touch a woman that Sir had owned, not to mention, he was now Sir’s niece’s husband.

Duan Xing Yuan came to his senses and smiled a little, “I was just mesmerized as I imagined a picture of my life with Xiao Ai. I was in a trance for a moment and got lost in thought, I apologize!”

The host rounded it off very knowledgeably and asked with a smile, “Did you also fantasize about how many children you might have?”

Duan Xing Yuan smiled as he looked at Mu Ai, his eyes incomparably gentle, so gentle that Mu Ai and the guests present almost thought that his mind wandering earlier had been their illusion.

“It all depends on how many Xiao Ai is willing to give me! I… am naturally happy to have as many as possible.”

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2 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Nice save for the peanut gallery, but I don’t think the lady standing across from him is going to buy it. Not sure what his father was doing standing beside him. Isn’t it just the bride and groom on stage during the vows? Kind of awkward having your parents so close when it comes time to kiss the bride.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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