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Chapter 251 If only, Gu Qing Yu didn’t have that beautiful face!

A smug smile flashed in Lin Xiaoyi’s eyes.

Zhuang Jing had approached her with the intention of using her to deal with Gu Qing Yu, right? But she would have probably never thought that she would end up using her….

Blood had already rushed to Zhuang Jing’s head at the moment. All she knew was that her boyfriend still cared about Gu Qing Yu and even told her that she shouldn’t have plagiarized Gu Qing Yu’s painting. Everyone else’s was fine, but not Gu Qing Yu’s!

Why? Was Gu Qing Yu that special to him? Was Gu Qing Yu so special to him that he couldn’t get over her even though they had been together for six months?

Yes, it must be just like Lin Xiaoyi said. Gu Qing Yu was probably still contacting her boyfriend secretly and having an affair with him, that was why Shao Zi Han was still thinking about her….

Shao Zi Han was a man after all so he wouldn’t be able to hold back when a beautiful girl with almost no flaws on her face flirted with him. Look, he almost broke up with her just now when he got mad at her ……

If only, Gu Qing Yu didn’t have that beautiful face!

The look in Zhuang Jing’s eyes turned sinister.

She wouldn’t be as stupid as Lin Han Jiao was, thinking that by changing her face to Gu Qing Yu’s, she could steal the man who liked Gu Qing Yu away. She wouldn’t destroy her face, but she could destroy Gu Qing Yu’s face!

Probably too excited in the moment, Zhuang Jing completely lost her mind and actually wanted to ruin Gu Qing Yu’s face, so much so that the more she thought about it, the more excited she became. She directly asked someone to prepare something special for her, put on a jacket, hat and mask then crouched in front of the path Gu Qing Yu took to class. As soon as Gu Qing Yu appeared, she threw the contents of the bottle at her!


Someone screamed as the liquid was about to touch Gu Qing Yu’s beautiful face, only to see Gu Qing Yu take out her umbrella unhurriedly to block it…..

And her umbrella was made of some kind of material, which caused it to not get corroded at all. What’s more, some of the liquid bounced back onto Zhuang Jing herself!

However the clothes Zhuang Jing was wearing were quite thick, after all, she was afraid of hurting herself, but they were only made of ordinary material, hence they corroded away in one go. The smell was so pungent that all the students around her fled in terror. Zhuang Jing, who hadn’t expected Gu Qing Yu to react so quickly, turned around to ran, but the next thing she knew, she was being picked up by a man with one hand.

The man, with a strong murderous aura ripped her hat and mask off and the person next to her recognised her and exclaimed, “Zhuang Jing? Isn’t this Zhuang Jing?”

When Shao Zi Han heard the familiar name, he ran downstairs just in time to see this scene but after hearing the people around talk about what had just happened, he didn’t dare look at Zhuang Jing and with his expression sinking, turned around to leave.

The corners of Lin Xiaoyi’s lips curled with pleasure as she watched this scene.

She didn’t expect that Zhuang Jing would be so easy to provoke and that she would do as she was told as soon as she was stimulated. She had only hinted at destroying Gu Qing Yu’s face and she did it so obediently. What was even more amusing was the fact that the Zhuang family was obviously quite rich, yet she was actually stupid enough to do it herself and even in public and in such a hurry that she did it on the same day, tsk tsk…..

No wonder Shao Zi Han was so incredulous just now. It was probably because he thought that such a stupid woman didn’t deserve him, right?

It was such a shame that Gu Qing Yu’s face wasn’t ruined. Even Zhuang Jing’s face was unharmed because she had adequate protection; only a little bit of the contents of the bottle poured on her arms and legs, so she guessed she would just have minor burns.

She turned around to leave with regret, but met Gu Qing Yu’s thoughtful eyes….

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