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Chapter 192 His purpose had been achieved.

It was as if, she hadn’t even entered the hotel or gone out at that time!

This had been discovered by Chen Ran when he had asked him to erase the traces of her entry and exit.

It was really too odd.

Even he, when he wanted someone to erase the surveillance records, just simply destroyed or deleted the entire surveillance footage, yet she managed to be the only one who disappeared.

If they hadn’t seen her enter with their own eyes, they might have even thought it was just an illusion!

However, even if he knew that she was very special, could do things that normal people couldn’t, would never forgive someone who wronged her like a holy saint, liked to return a tooth for a tooth and take revenge on the spot, and might not even need his protection at all ……

He still wanted to do it.

She was his. She had admitted it herself, and since that was the case, it was only natural that he should be responsible for her.

Mu Xuan Qing thought so, but he had forgotten that although he had recognized some people as being under him in the past, he was more of a sharpener and would not go about paving the way for them, but would first go about honing them, and only when they had grown enough to protect themselves and those around them would he use them, and then, naturally, they would be under his name, hence very few people would dare to bully them. ‘

But with Gu Qing Yu, he didn’t want to do that.

He wanted to protect her so that she would have less trouble and go and do what made her happy.

Today, his purpose had been achieved.

Impatient to deal with these people, Mu Xuan Qing smiled a little and said indifferently, “It’s about time, when will the wedding start?”

Duan Xing Yuan looked at Gu Qing Yu as if he had lost his soul. The way she had looked with Mu Xuan Qing just now ……

It had been very intimate.

He hadn’t seen her smile like that in a long time ……

Or rather, he had never seen it before. She had always been ladylike and reserved, rarely smiling so freely. Let alone being so intimate with him in public, she would be shy, but at this moment she was holding Sir’s hand intimately, in an incomparably natural manner, without the slightest hint of shyness and was even pleasantly at ease. He didn’t even know what interesting things she was talking about with him ……

And Sir, who he had seen twice before, who hadn’t smiled at all and was always as cold as an iceberg, surprisingly had a smile in his eyes even when he was around Gu Qing Yu, and the corners of his mouth had even hooked up slightly just now.

Duan Xing Yuan felt that this moment was probably the most greyest time in his life. It was obviously his wedding, yet he wasn’t looking forward to it at all, his eyes empty as he looked at Mu Ai who was being led by Mu Xuan Yang towards him as he held her hand ……

Mu Ai gritted her teeth, practically about to go mad.

She looked to Duan Xing Yuan and then to Gu Qing Yu who was sitting in the most important position on the stage and her whole face tensed up.

This was a wedding she might only get once in her life to marry a man as near perfect as Duan Xing Yuan and she had been looking forward to it. She was supposed to enjoy the blessings of everyone, the envy of her girlfriends, and be led happily by her father towards Duan Xing Yuan ……

Although Duan Xing Yuan didn’t love her, he didn’t hate her, and he had been very good to her over the past few months, so gentle that she had almost forgotten that this man had still been thinking about Gu Qing Yu on their engagement night and had even tried to get back together with her ……

Just when she thought he was finally slowly falling in love with her, this b*tch Gu Qing Yu appeared again!

Even showing up at her wedding neither late nor early was simply a deliberate attempt to ruin what could have been a perfect wedding for her!

Her heart was filled with hatred for Gu Qing Yu and she also began to hold a grudge against Duan Xing Yuan, because anyone could see that the groom was simply absent-minded at his own wedding!

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  1. Sigh, that was rather anti- climatic. Mu Ai is too buttoned up to give much of a reaction, I guess.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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