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Chapter 130 It was… probably just a coincidence, right?

Mu Xuan Qing sent Chen Ran to investigate the thugs, and within 20 minutes, he found out that the person behind them was Mu Ai.

Although he knew that Gu Qing Yu wasn’t weak, Mu Xuan Qing was afraid that she would be in danger, so he followed her.

However, her skills…

Did indeed prove that she wasn’t an ordinary person.

And was even…

Very different from the Miss Gu he had learnt about in the previous investigations he had asked for…

These thoughts were running through Mu Xuan Qing’s mind as they drove towards their destination, when he heard Chen Ran say, “Sir, Miss Gu…. seems to have come to see Miss Mu Ai.”

Mu Xuan Qing froze.

Chen Ran swallowed, “Miss Mu Ai is staying in the presidential suite of this hotel…. it’s probably… just a coincidence, right?”

They had been able to find out in such a short time that Mu Ai was behind everything because they had a lot of contacts and strong authority and power in different places, but on the surface Miss Gu didn’t know Mu Ai, and she had just come back with Sir, moreover she had only been upstairs for five minutes, so how could she have found out who was behind it in such a short period of time, and find out where that person was staying at the moment?!

It was… probably just a coincidence, right?

Gu Qing Yu was just looking for someone else, right?

However, Gu Qing Yu went straight to the top floor.


At this moment, Chen Ran didn’t dare to doubt. He gulped as he looked at Sir.

Although he didn’t know how Gu Qing Yu knew that the person behind those thugs was Mu Ai, if she hit Sir’s niece… what should they do? No, the one who should be having a headache right now, was probably Sir…

Chen Ran looked at Mu Xuan Qing, but then saw that he didn’t look worried at all, so he also calmed down.

That’s right. Sir’s previous reaction had already shown that he didn’t intend to let this matter go so easily, so even if Miss Mu Ai was a member of the Mu family, she wouldn’t have an advantage when it came to Miss Gu.

On the other side. Mu Ai didn’t receive a call from the people she had sent, but didn’t pay much attention to that because she didn’t know that they were going to act today. After all, the first day she had sent them, they had told her that Gu Qing Yu didn’t go out much, moreover there were always people around her. Besides, they just wanted to make a little money so they didn’t want to make a big deal out of things.

Mu Ai herself didn’t want to make a big deal out of things either. To her, something like breaking her tendons was just a small punishment. Who asked Gu Qing Yu to steal the two things she was interested in?

As long as Gu Qing Yu could no longer paint, even if she had already accepted Master Bai as her master, even if Master Bai and Chen Gaoyu had already recognized her, what could she do? She couldn’t inherit Bai Xiuqi’s teachings, so Bai Xiuqi would definitely look for another disciple…

By then, she would have a chance.

As for Duan Xing Yuan…

Duan Xing Yuan was such a perfectionist. The only reason he couldn’t stop thinking about Gu Qing Yu was because he didn’t have her, moreover Gu Qing Yu was too perfect, so beautiful that even she was jealous.

But what if this beauty was no longer perfect? What if her tendons were broken and her pretty little hands were twisted into a ball? She might not be able to hold a knife and fork again and she might even disgrace him when dining out at a Western restaurant….

Even if nothing else was affected and it was only the appearance of her hands that became ugly, Duan Xing Yuan….

Would definitely mind.

He would be disgusted that he had ever liked such an incomplete woman. He would avoid talking about the woman who was still on his mind and would even be ashamed to admit that he liked her, that he had once been engaged to her…

Mu Ai had seen a lot of scenes like this.

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5 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Oh, it’s not a big deal. I just want to punish you a little, so I’m going to render your hands unusable. Because that’s not a devastating loss or anything.

    It would be a little funny to see her reaction if she had succeeded, and then GQY healed herself 😂

    1. Here, Mu Ai sees herself that Gu Qing Yu’s hands are so broken it looks like a ball, then she goes to sleep, and the next day she accidentally (or maybe checking the result) sees Gu Qing Yuan walking cheerfully with healthy and intact hands like what happened yesterday is just a dream. Mu Ai’s face must be very priceless.

  2. Oh wonder what shes going to do, thought she would do something on the technical side against her so I wonder what will happen now that she’s confronting. Half expect her to kick the door down and then proceed to beat her up and then wipe all evidence of her being their

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