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Chapter 140 Why are you hiding here?

It was really the special effects team from ‘Fei Fei’s Adventures’! The graphics were just stunning, and the voice acting was really cute, even the alien language was as if it was real. It was logical, and not just a bunch of nonsense.

This picture was also too exquisite. Each picture was like a work of art and like a real shot from the universe, moreover the animation effect processing was mysteriously beautiful and, the storyline was also very attractive. Zhuang Ziyi originally wanted to review it, but didn’t expect that once he started watching it, he would directly forgot to speak, completely engrossed in it, and even ride along with the protagonist in the film’s emotions. Going from happiness, to anger to sadness…..

When he came back to his senses, he realized that he had unknowingly sat on the floor of the balcony!

Gu Qing Yu was still standing aside, sipping her wine quietly as she watched the night, without the slightest intention of disturbing him.

Zhuang Zi Yi looked at the progress bar in disbelief. He had unexpectedly just finished watching half of the movie directly from the balcony with the phone?!

That’s right, half of it.

Of course Gu Qing Yu couldn’t have just shown the finished film to Zhuang Zi Yi, in case no cooperation was reached. But then again, she didn’t think that was really likely.

Zhuang Zi Yi felt a little itchy. He looked at Gu Qing Yu and said with some urgency, “What about the rest? How did the god of thunder survive?! It’s only an hour long, where’s half of it?! When can I see it….. No, let’s go and find a professional audio-visual room to watch it now, with this kind of picture effect, it is simply an insult to this movie to watch it on a cell phone!!!”

He was just immersed in the plot, but now he just felt that it was simply a waste to watch this movie with a phone! It was like a king wearing beggar’s clothes, the clothes didn’t match the king at all, but it still couldn’t hide the king’s dominance!

Gu Qing Yu had expected such a reaction from him, but Zhuang Zi Yi was a little more excited than she had expected. She smiled a little, “Don’t rush, to finish watching it, you have to cooperate with me first.”

At the mention of a cooperation, Zhuang Zi Yi was much calmer.

This movie made even him, who had seen almost all the best anime movies from home and abroad, get hot under the collar and scratch his ears because he wanted to know what was going to happen next, a feeling he only had when he was a kid and wanted to see the next episode of a certain anime, but hardly ever since he grew up.

Even he was like this, let alone the average viewer!

He didn’t need to use his brain to know that after the release of this movie, the box office and buzz would only be higher than [Little Green Dragon] which was hot right now!

So, without hesitation, he said, “Yes, let’s work together!”

The two talked about how they would work together and eventually decided that Gu Qing Yu would provide the film and Zhuang Zi Yi would be responsible for promoting it and arranging the theatres, and the final profit would be split 70-30.

Zhuang Zi Yi originally wanted only twenty percent, but Gu Qing Yu wanted a long-term partnership and she wasn’t petty, so she decided to split the profits 30-70.

Zhuang Zi Yi actually knew that even without the thirty percent, his company would only make money, because if the film was produced by his company and Fei Fei Studio, their company’s reputation would grow to become even bigger and that, couldn’t be bought with money.

The two were so immersed in their conversation that they didn’t notice a bright flash of light outside the window, which soon disappeared….

“Big brother, you’re the main event today, why are you hiding here?”

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