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Chapter 239 Find myself

Lin Han Jiao said, “I want to do plastic surgery to have a new face.”

Gu Qing Yu lifted a brow. She hadn’t expected her to say this.

“Why?” She told her, “If it’s because you’re afraid I’ll mind, there’s absolutely no need. I don’t really care if your face resembles mine.”


Lin Han Jiao shook her head, “It’s not that I’m worried about boss minding, or that I’m addicted to plastic surgery. It’s that….. boss, I’ve become more confident. Now I no longer care about how my face looks and I don’t feel beautiful or ugly. I think I see myself more clearly, which is why I want to go back to my original appearance…. of course it won’t be exactly the same, because there’s no need to fix back the original ugly parts, right?”

She laughed, “It’s just a matter of improving my original face and making it more attractive. If I had to choose one reason for wanting to have plastic surgery again, it would be that I now accept myself, don’t hate myself, love myself more and have more confidence. I am who I am, there is no need to imitate others and there is no need to do plastic surgery to look like someone else….. and even if I do look like someone else, I am still me. I….. want to find myself.”

Gu Qing Yu smiled, “Since you’ve thought it through, then go ahead.”

Lin Han Jiao nodded, “Hmm, thank you, boss. I came to see boss today because…..”

She stood up and gave Gu Qing Yu a very serious bow, “Boss, I’m sorry!”

“No, Gu Qing Yu, I’m sorry!”

For the first time she apologized to her seriously, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done something to hurt you because I was jealous of you, wanted your face and your life. Even though it was induced, that person couldn’t actually force me to do it. I chose to do it myself, so… I apologize!”

It had taken so long for Lin Han Jiao to remember that she didn’t seem to have apologized sincerely to Gu Qing Yu in the first place.

Looking at her, Gu Qing Yu said faintly, “I don’t blame you.”

Not only did she not, neither did the original owner, who didn’t even know that Lin Han Jiao existed at all. She just hated her father and Duan Xing Yuan. And now, although Duan Xing Yuan hadn’t lost his career, he loved Gu Qing Yu even more but at the same time… had lost her completely. And for the rest of his life after this, anytime Duan Xing Yuan thought of her it would be like there was a piece of wood stuck in his throat, because his formerly high self-esteem had been completely crushed to pieces by her and Sir and the moment he saw her, he would remember it.

Duan Xing Yuan would never be able to forget Gu Qing Yu for the rest of his life.

This was Gu Qing Yu’s punishment to him.

Lin Han Jiao smiled in relief, “Boss, I know you don’t care, but I have to apologize to get past myself. And…. boss, thank you, thank you for giving me a chance to have a new life and to find myself.”

When Lin Han Jiao finished saying the words she had in her heart, she prepared to leave. Gu Qing Yu looked at the weather and said, “It’s late, I’ll have someone send you back.”

Lin Han Jiao didn’t have her own car yet; she had come here by taxi.

So she didn’t refuse Gu Qing Yu’s kindness. Nodding, she went outside where Mu Er’s car was already waiting to take her out.

But she didn’t expect that once Mu Er’s car left the neighborhood and drove towards the more remote side roads near her house, it would suddenly be stopped…..

On the other end, Mu Yi told Gu Qing Yu somewhat nervously, “Miss Gu, something has happened to Mu Er so I’m going over there for support, you….”

“I’ll come along too.” Gu Qing Yu stood up.

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One thought on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. If this were reality, I think I’d advise Lin Han Jiao to just use makeup to change her look instead of going under the knife again. I think the more plastic surgery you get, the worse the after-effects. If she’s really come to terms with herself, how her face looks shouldn’t matter.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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