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Chapter 280 Only Madam can heal me

“Is this man the ‘Sir’ those bigwigs were talking about before?”

“Madam, Sir…. why do they call them that?”

“Now that Sir and Madam have shown their faces, then there are some things that I dare to say straight out….. Perhaps, you guys have heard of the ‘Mu Qing’ orphanage?”

“?! The Mu Qing orphanage is run by these two?! So, this man’s surname is Mu?!”

“Not only the Mu Qing orphanage. The Mu Qing Studio, Mu Qing Research Institute, Mu Qing Scholarship, Mu Qing Nursing Home, Mu Qing Group….. everything you can think of that has to do with Mu Qing, was basically founded by Sir and his wife and they used their own money to fund it all as well.”

With this revelation, Weibo erupted once more, this time with a list of the various Mu Qing-related organizations and the contributions they had made to C Country and humanity over the previous few years coming out. It was only then that people, to their surprise, found out that Gu Qing Yu had done so much during these low-profile years, that many of the projects were completely unpaid for, and that many of the new technologies that had changed their lives in the past few years were also related to her!

“It’s not just Madam, Sir is also amazing. Do any of you know about the Mu family in the Imperial Capital…..”

So, once again, Weibo was in the middle of a firestorm of breaking news.

At the moment, Gu Qing Yu and Mu Xuan Qing, the main characters who had sparked a huge debate in C Country and even commanded worldwide attention, were quietly walking hand in hand on their way to their lab.

“Sir, if you don’t stop people from breaking the news, we might very well lose our years of peace and quiet!” Gu Qing Yu blinked, looking at the man in front of her.

A few years had passed and Mu Xuan Qing had grown taller again. What’s more, because she had toned and conditioned his body, he didn’t need to be bled every month, hence his body was getting stronger and stronger.

Whenever Gu Qing Yu thought about this, she would always feel that she was at a disadvantage.

After they got married, they realized that Mu Xuan Qing no longer seemed to need to have his blood bled every month, although he still had too much energy in his body…..

Since they got married, Mu Xuan Qing didn’t feel as uncomfortable as he did before whenever it was the full moon.

It took them months of research to discover that his energy was still going into her, but in other ways…..

And this way, happened almost every day…..

So, now, he didn’t need to suffer that torture at all. Instead, he looked forward to releasing the energy every day.

Gu Qing Yu was no longer lacking in energy, but for his sake, she still absorbed energy from his body every day.

However it was a painful process for her. After all, as a half-energy body, her body was still too sensitive.

But she couldn’t let him suffer.

Besides, all Mu Xuan Qing had to do was blink at her pitifully and say, “Madam, I’m a patient…. only you can heal me….”

And she was completely unable to refuse.

So, he got better and better and under her guidance, slowly learned how to use his energy. His aura also became more and more calm and less cold than before.

Of course, that was only towards his people. To others, Sir was still as cold and as unapproachable as ever.

At her words, Mu Xuan Qing smiled, stopped and looked at her, “It doesn’t matter, they can’t do anything to us anyway.”

That was true. Even if the other countries used their most powerful weapons against them, nothing would come of it. After all, they were now half energy bodies and, Gu Qing Yu had a spaceship, ready to leave the planet at any time.

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