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Chapter 276 She really had the capacity to do so

As for Gu Qing Yu’s share, she donated it directly in the name of Gu Qing Yu, but this Gu Qing Yu, wasn’t herself, but the deceased Gu Qing Yu.

Gu Wen Qiang knew what had been done with the money, but he wasn’t distressed. Rather, he was relieved.

Next Gu Wen Qiang remained in the temple, fasting and chanting. In his heart, Gu Qing Yu was already dead, so he never mentioned her again.

Naturally, he was unaware that Gu Qing Yu had found her real uncle and had gone abroad with Mu Xuan Qing to meet Shen Qing Yan’s parents, her grandparents and that she was now nominally the Shen family’s precious daughter, and had nothing to do with the Gu family.

Shen Ruiyi, her cousin, took a greater interest in her after she was recognized. Their movie collaboration quickly established LILA and Fei Fei Studios as the leading movie studios, and it was impossible to find a rival. After all, not every movie produced by a company was of Hollywood caliber, but Gu Qing Yu’s goal wasn’t Hollywood quality, but to surpass Hollywood itself.

And she really had the capacity to do so.

With Shen Ruiyi assistance in concealing her identity, Gu Qing Yu could finally go for it. In addition to LILA, she also worked with other companies through Shen Ruiyi’s behind-the-scenes maneuvering and all of a sudden, there was a blossoming of C Country’s movies, each of which was a special effects movie. Not only did they break box office records, they were also successfully imported into other countries. LILA’s disaster movie went global because of its powerful holographic effects, and even Hollywood movies were crushed.

Mu Xuan Qing apprehended people from Ent Special Effects, Inc. after they first sent someone to follow Gu Qing Yu. Naturally, Mu Xuan Qing wouldn’t allow them to do anything that could threaten Gu Qing Yu, so Ent Special Effects, Inc. suddenly found itself in a lot of trouble and was so busy that when they finally came back to their senses, they realized that they had been phased out of the market and that there were suddenly several powerful special effects companies, some with Capital from C Country, some foreign, but owned by foreigners of C Country descent.

All of these companies created special effects quickly and well, and at a fraction of their cost. Even the studios they had been working with for years had abandoned them and so having no other choice, Ent Special Effects, Inc. followed suit and reduced their prices, however the reduction of their prices still didn’t mean that more people were willing to come to them. After all, for the same amount, other companies could do it better and faster, so why would they choose Ent Special Effects which hadn’t blown up as much despite having been in the business for a long time?

In less than a few years, Ent Special Effects, Inc. became a mediocre special effects company with most of its talent gone, and when they thought back to the days when they had been so proud, they realized that the decline of their company began when they lost to that Fei Fei studio from C Country.

However now that Fei Fei’s Studio had become a world-renowned Special Effects Company, it was no longer on the same level as their languishing small and medium enterprise.

Most importantly, Fei Fei Studio also started to develop holographic technology. The holographic technology that they thought would take at least a few decades and a hundred years to mature, was developed directly by a C Country company. They started out creating movies, and when the holographic movie, which was more appealing than anything 4D or 5D first came out, countless people became addicted to it and there was another leap in the box office.

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