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Chapter 178 Such a feast for the eyes, she naturally had to dote on him

A movie that needed her to do this kind of special effects wouldn’t end up with a low box office as long as the script didn’t suck and the actors and actresses were okay, hence Gu Qing Yu agreed readily.

“Sir~ I’m going out for a bit to discuss a collaboration with someone.”

Gu Qing Yu said as she looked at Mu Xuan Qing who was reading a book in her room.

This person had pretty much just relied on her side since that day.

However, she also liked spending time with him, so she didn’t have any objections.

Mu Xuan Qing raised his eyes, looked at her and nodded, “Come here.”

Gu Qing Yu walked over obediently.

As a result, she fell into his arms as soon as he pulled her and a scorching hot kiss landed on her lips.

He didn’t stop with a shallow taste, continuing instead for a few minutes before releasing her, his voice slightly muffled:

“Come back early.”


Looking at him, she felt as if he was a little wife, waiting at home for her return.

Such a beautiful little wife who was a feast for the eyes, she naturally had to dote on him.

En… he was really a feast.

Smiling, Gu Qing Yu left, her lips still swollen even until she met Shen Ruiyi.

Shen Ruiyi was stunned the moment she saw Gu Qing Yu. “You… you are the boss of Fei Fei’s Studio?”


Gu Qing Yu knew he would be surprised so she smiled a little, “Did you bring the contract?”

Shen Ruiyi handed out the contract in a daze, not looking back for a long time.

He hadn’t expected the boss of Fei Fei’s Studio to be so young and beautiful, moreover, it was the same Gu Qing Yu who had previously caused a buzz on Weibo…

Zhuang Zi Yi couldn’t help but snicker as he watched his dumbfounded appearance.

He remembered how stunned he had been as well when he found out that junior sister Qing Yu was the boss of Fei Fei’s studio. Very good, he wasn’t the only one who was stunned after all.

Gu Qing Yu quickly read the contract and discovered that it was very similar to what they had discussed previously and that there were no traps in it; after all, she had Fei Fei, her accompanying treasure trove, so if there were any traps in the contract, she would know about them right away.

It seems LILA was very sincere this time.

After quickly signing the contract and thinking of someone who had prompted her to ‘come back early’ before she left, Gu Qing Yu declined Shen Ruiyi’s dinner and left first.

Shen Ruiyi stared at her back for a long time.

Zhuang Zi Yi patted him on the shoulder, “Bro, I understand you… Gu Qing Yu is truly very beautiful, and as long as you’re a man you won’t be able to help being captivated. If not for the fact that I already have a woman I want to be with for the rest of my life, it would have been difficult to not be captivated by her as well. However, I have to remind you… she already has a boyfriend. She even showed him off on Weibo and they are still topping the hot search list. And… didn’t you just notice? Her lips…. are a little swollen.”

He thought Shen Ruiyi had fallen in love with Gu Qing Yu at first sight, after all, Gu Qing Yu just had a face that was easy to fall in love with at first sight.

But to his surprise, Shen Ruiyi shook his head and said with a slightly odd look in his eyes, “I just think… she doesn’t seem the same as the pictures online…”

“She’s more beautiful, right?”

“Yes, and…” Shen Ruiyi pondered, “I keep on feeling that she looks a little familiar…”

Zhuang Zi Yi couldn’t help but laugh, “All beauties have something in common, don’t you have a lot of beauties at home?”

After all, Shen Ruiyi run a film and television company, and his mother was also known as a beauty in the circle back then, it was just that she came out less after she got married. Moreover, his parents were also known for their love for each other, a change from the usual tragedies that occurred whenever female celebrities married into a wealthy family.

Shen Ruiyi thought about it, “You’re right, it should be that I’m wrong.”

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4 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Oh no! Everyone is falling in love with Gu Qing Yu! Sigh, hopefully this is not the birth of another Mary Sue.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. Maybe he felt Gu Qing Yu familiar because of her mother. I mean, if I’m not remember wrongly, her mother’s surname is also Shen, right? Maybe this Shen Ruiyi is Gu Qing Yu’s long lost uncle or something.

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