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Chapter 231 Without you, I will die

“What’s wrong?”


Gu Qing Yu’s voice was gentle, “I just want to tell you that ……Sir, I’m here from now on. I’ll always be with you, I won’t let anyone bully you anymore. Anyone who bullies you, will have to die!”


Mu Xuan Qing was silent for a moment, then suddenly burst out laughing.

“…… Okay.”

His voice was slightly hoarse, “Qing Yu, you must always stay by my side. Protect me well, because without you, I will die.”

No one knew, that he meant the seemingly lovey-dovey words that followed.

After a decade of loneliness, after hating himself so much that he wished he had died at that time and never woken up again, after forcing himself to distance himself from his family and friends and barely seeing them, even barely communicating with Chen Ran who was by his side…

After such lonely days, he had finally met her.

She who was mysterious, as strong and special as he was, who needed him, who wasn’t afraid of him and who even wanted to protect him……

She had melted his frozen armor and his lonely heart, making him finally feel like a normal person once more…..

If he lost her and went back to the way he used to be before, he would die. He would really die.

He said this in an incredibly easy and simple tone, as if it was just a casual ‘I miss you’ that even Gu Qing Yu didn’t realize how serious he was at the moment.

For one thing, she hadn’t thought about his words carefully, and for another….

She never thought someone would be unable to live without another because she had lost a lot as well, however she was still alive and well, wasn’t she?

Hence Gu Qing Yu just took it as ordinary sweet nothings, smiling happily as she said, “Alright, then it’s settled. Right, Sir, I found my uncle. Oh and my cousin. They are taking me to see my grandparents and my aunt.”

“I understand.” Mu Xuan Qing said, “I’ll go with you.”


It wasn’t until Gu Qing Yu hung up that she realized that the two men in front of her were looking at her with very odd expressions.

Shen Jianian was shocked. He hadn’t expected that his niece and the rumored terrifying Mu Xuan Qing would get along like this……

The Mu Xuan Qing on the phone didn’t sound cold at all. He just sounded like an ordinary man who was possessive of her, thoughtful and gentle. Even saying things like he would die without her!

But it was conceivable. Shen Jianian understood this statement better than Gu Qing Yu did, because he had seen the Mu Xuan Qing of old and knew what Mu Xuan Qing had done over the years, so he knew very well that whatever Mu Xuan Qing said, he would definitely do.

Which meant that without his niece, he would really die.

This made Shen Jianian feel a violent shock in his heart, because he thought the same as Gu Qing Yu. That no one would be unable to live without another.

However while he felt this way, he also believed in Mu Xuan Qing.

The legendary man of the rumors, was really likely to do so.

But Mu Xuan Qing…. actually loved Gu Qing Yu so much?!

Shen Jianian was suddenly in a somewhat mixed mood.

If Mu Xuan Qing didn’t love her that much, he would definitely be angry and think that he was just trying to play with his niece’s feelings, but if he loved her that much, he was afraid that if his niece fell for someone else, Mu Xuan Qing would kill her and then kill himself….

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  1. Being in a relationship with someone having such extreme emotions would be rather scary.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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