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Chapter 313 Solution

Mu Ai stared at the machine with lingering fear and covering her throat, she coughed for a moment, seeming to feel a little nauseous.

Then, she raised her head, looked at Gu Qing Yu, and said for the first time from the bottom of her heart, “Thank you……”

Gu Qing Yu looked at her, “You’d better think about how to explain what you did.”

Mu Ai stared wide-eyed. That’s right, she was screwed now. That monster had killed people by her hand!

It was over, she was going to become a murderer.

Mu Ai’s face was pale, “It’s not me, it’s really not me. You know that there was a monster inside me……”

Gu Qing Yu gave her a look, “But, his existence can’t be explained at all, right?”

Yes, even if she brought out the monster that Gu Qing Yu had now captured, who would believe her words? They would only think that she was mentally ill and even suspect that she was saying these things to save herself and deliberately pretending to have mental problems.

“Gu Qing…… no, madam, no, aunt, you have to help me. You know that it wasn’t me……”

Mu Ai burst into tears. She had always had things go smoothly and pleasantly since she was young except for when she was in front of Gu Qing Yu, and when she met No. 00 disguised as a system she also felt that she was the chosen daughter, the one who was supposed to be getting everything. It wasn’t until this moment that she realized, she was so insignificant and helpless, that she couldn’t do anything at all in the face of such things.

Gu Qing Yu sighed then looked to Mu Xuan Qing who had already looked for someone to deal with those injured. Mu Xuan Qing nodded, “Give it a try.”

Gu Qing Yu also nodded. These people were injured by energy so she would just try to see if she could use the same energy to save them.

Mu Xuan Qing glanced at Mu Ai, his eyes cold. It was because of her greed and stupidity that she had caused so much trouble…… These researchers were all one in a million talents and they had all been tested and approved by him and Gu Qing Yu. If they suffered any harm because of her….

Mu Xuan Qing said coldly, “Chen Ran, send her out.”

Chen Ran nodded, “Miss Mu.”

Cowering, Mu Ai followed Chen Ran out obediently.

Gu Qing Yu used her energy and starting with those who were most severely injured, saved them one by one.

Now that she had a lot of energy, she wasn’t afraid of it running out, but it was a bit of a drain on her mind. Mu Xuan Qing watched how she saved and healed and following her example, tried to use his energy to save people.

Soon, the ten or so staff members who were injured recovered slowly. Even the external wounds on their bodies disappeared. Only, Gu Qing Yu was so tired that she couldn’t open her eyes.

“Sir, I’m sleepy…. want to rest.” Gu Qing Yu said somewhat weakly.


Looking at her with a gentle expression Mu Xuan Qing picked her up gently, “Mu Yi, take care of the rest.”

Mu Yi nodded then together with Mu Er, arranged the wounded and methodically had the Research Institute restored to its original state, enhancing the security facilities. Soon, the Research Institute was restored to its original state.

No. 00 was put back in the most closed laboratory and was already close to exploding with anger.

On the other end, Mu Xuan Qing carried Gu Qing Yu to the lounge she used when was in the Research Institute when he suddenly heard Fei Fei’s voice:.

“Sir, master needs to replenish her energy, put her inside my cabin.”

Mu Xuan Qing had been aware of Fei Fei’s presence earlier, and hearing its words, nodded and carried Gu Qing Yu into the cabin of the spaceship. However as soon as he entered, he felt a huge energy shock. He was a little uncomfortable, but soon relaxed.

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