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Chapter 153 Clarification

Then came Chen Haoyu, who didn’t say anything, but the fact that all the shares of the Chen family were transferred to a stranger was exposed, and Chen Haoyu’s father’s company was also exposed for massive tax evasion and avoidance. The evidence was so overwhelming that no one needed to think to know that the entire Chen family was now in a state of turmoil.

As if someone was deliberately targeting him, the fact that Chen Haoyu had deceived and cheated on several female students, even involving underage girls, causing several of them to have abortions for him, and even commit suicide, together with the surveillance of the cocktail party was exposed. And judging from the surveillance, it was obvious that Gu Qing Yu didn’t pay any attention to him and that it was Chen Haoyu who grabbed her like a pervert, causing Gu Qing Yu to step on his foot and then slap him….

“I didn’t expect Chen Haoyu to be such a pervert!”

“Gu Qing Yu good job! You’ve given me a great deal of pleasure…. This is the right way to deal with such perverts!”

“It would be strange if Gu Qing Yu has any involvement with such men, moreover her interactions with these men seem to be normal. I feel that this incident seems to be a premeditated attack.”

“The other men seem to be like this, but what about Zhuang Zi Yi? How come they appeared together on the balcony of the celebration party in the middle of the night and stayed alone for so long….”

Zhuang Zi Yi posted in a timely manner: “People seem to be very interested in the collaboration between President Gu and I, so I have no other choice than to let you guys see this in advance…. President Gu made me watch this movie that day, but she was so inhumane as to show me only half of it…. and I’m still torn up about it. I can’t be left alone to be abused, so here….”

Zhuang Zi Yi directly released the trailer that he got someone to create overnight. It was only one minute, but it made the netizens who watched it all go crazy instantly.

“My goodness, this trailer is amazing! Director Zhuang, didn’t you just release [Little Green Dragon]? Just this soon and you’ve got a new one coming out? Moreover, the style and special effects of this movie [Star] are even more stunning than that of the [Little Green Dragon]! This is too shocking!”

Zhuang Zi Yi replied proudly, “This is not our work, but mainly produced by President Gu’s team. Ah, I forgot to introduce you to her team…..@Fei Fei Studio.”

When this comment came out, netizens were shocked. Gu Qing Yu was working with Zhuang Zi Yi and she was also the leader of Fei Fei Studio that was in the hot search not long ago? Wasn’t Gu Qing Yu still in university? Although she was a painting major, there was still a difference between that and animation, and the special effects team she was leading was the Fei Fei studio that so many companies in the industry wanted to poach?!

More people were fascinated by the trailer. “I thought that after the [Little Green Dragon], there wouldn’t be anything that could surpass it for at least half a year, but I didn’t expect that I would be smacked in the face in less than a day! The images in [Star] are too beautiful and stunning, right? Even watching it on my cell phone’s screen made my blood boil. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen!”

Zhuang Zi Yi proudly released another three-minute preview, this time with aspects related to the plot and in less than three minutes, he had brought out all the essence, making the netizens feel as if they had watched a short movie.

However, just when they were immersed in the plot, the trailer cut off at the most heart-wrenching part and just disappeared!

“Director Zhuang!! Gu Qing Yu abused you, so you want to abuse us, right? Quickly release the rest!!”

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