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Chapter 114 We definitely shouldn’t offend her in the future!

Gu Qing Yu ignored Lin Xiaoyi and followed the police back to take her statement.

Lin Xiaoyi’s incident caused many people to start to look sideways at Gu Qing Yu.

“Gu Qing Yu is really cruel, Lin Xiaoyi is classmate and also her roommate. Don’t they usually seem to be close to each other? Even if she stole from her, couldn’t she have given her another chance instead of just calling the police?”

This was the view of some people.

“But stealing is already a bad thing, what’s more this isn’t the first time Lin Xiaoyi has done it. I heard that the money she got from selling the stolen items on second-hand platforms is over 10,000 yuan alone! Tsk, she really thinks her roommate is an ATM.”

This was what others thought as well.

“But Gu Qing Yu could have made her pay it back. Besides, her family is so rich, I’m sure 10,000 yuan isn’t even enough to cover the expense of a dress she wears!”

“Pay it back? If Lin Xiaoyi had paid it back wouldn’t that be admitting to stealing from her? Besides looking at Lin Xiaoyi’s attitude that day, did it look like she’d admit it? She even backtracked and said it was Gu Qing Yu who set her up.”

“You have a point. Lin Xiaoyi isn’t a nice person either, she even tried to drag two of her roommates down with her that day just to get them to prove her ‘innocence’.”

“But Gu Qing Yu isn’t easy to be bullied either, we definitely shouldn’t offend her in the future!”


Regarding all this chatter about her, the effect it had in the end satisfied Gu Qing Yu a lot.

Since everyone knew that she wasn’t easy to be bullied, then she wouldn’t have so much trouble in the future because if even a girl like Lin Xiaoyi who usually looked so gentle and friendly, could target her so much, then she couldn’t even imagine how many other people in this school had a problem with her.

As soon as the bell rang, Gu Qing Yu gathered her things and walked out of the classroom. Shao Zihan chased after her. “Qing Yu, I heard that you’re moving? When do you want to move, I’ll help you!”

After the incident with Lin Xiaoyi, Gu Qing Yu had applied to stay outside the school.

The timing was just too coincidental, leading many people to think it was because she was too disappointed in her roommates because of what had happened with Lin Xiaoyi that was why she was planning to move out.

“No need, I don’t have many things and I’ve already moved.” Gu Qing Yu smiled a little then left without looking back.

She had sensed long ago that Shao Zihan had mixed feelings for her. Perhaps it was as it was said on the forum– he had a crush on the original owner since his freshman year so now that he saw that she didn’t have a fiancé anymore, he was thinking of pursuing her.

If that was just his intentions then she was fine with turning him down, but Shao Zihan just cared for her like a class president cared for his classmates. He was always there for her and to the outside world it looked like he adored her but she didn’t always notice his antics….

But she didn’t like this type of person.

For one thing, he was a bit gloomy. Although he always appeared to be polite and helpful, she always felt that he was only helping people for some unknown purpose and that he wasn’t really happy doing such things.

The second….

The day he had poured out the stolen goods from Lin Xiaoyi’s bag, she found out that Shao Zihan who was normally kind to Lin Xiaoyi had at that time operated decisively and cruelly, without caring what would become of her.

She had originally just wanted to scare Lin Xiaoyi, to warn her so that she would never dare do such things again but after Shao Zihan had done that Lin Xiaoyi ended up in the detention center.

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