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Chapter 163 A painting is missing

Shao Zihan was in a good mood, so he was naturally better to Zhuang Jing who had witnessed his majestic side. Zhuang Jing was also in a great mood and took a picture with him in front of his painting, then the two of them left the gallery happily.

At the end of the day, the staff thought of Gu Qing Yu’s paintings again and called her to confirm, only to find out that she had delivered five paintings this time. She was a little embarrassed, “Sorry, Miss Gu, we might have accidentally put them somewhere….. we’ll look for them again.”

A few days later, the staff told her in frustration that one of her paintings was missing.

Gu Qing Yu didn’t take it seriously, “Forget it, don’t let your curator know.”

The staff thanked her profusely. After all, she was prepared to pay for such a lowly mistake, Gu Qing Yu’s paintings weren’t cheap, the last one had sold for a low price of 50,000…. and besides, compensation was one thing, but she was afraid that the curator would be angry and fire her…..

Fortunately, Gu Qing Yu wasn’t going to pursue the matter, making the staff so grateful that she was thereafter more enthusiastic in introducing her paintings to customers who came to the gallery.

There staff played a staff, but the most important part was that Gu Qing Yu’s paintings weren’t so easy to forget at first glance that some people who didn’t buy them then and there regretted it and came back the next day only to find that the paintings had already been sold.

The income from the sale of her paintings helped thicken Gu Qing Yu’s wallet some more.

But what she was looking forward to even more was her animated movie.

The contract with Zhuang Zi Yi had been signed, the film had been well publicised for some time, the cinema had been agreed upon, and Zhuang Ziyi was now building momentum, just waiting excitedly for the film to be released.

Because of [Little Green Dragon], the animated movie Zhuang Zi Yi’s company was about to release had a lot of attention. Last time, it was promoted in passing on the hot search because of the scandal, and that appetizing teaser trailer of [Star] made many fans who like these kind of movies excited, what’s more it was just announced that it was officially being released on June 1 Children’s Day, which surprisingly sent it directly to the hot search.

“Gu Qing Yu, absolutely, you’re really the centre of the conversation!”

Zhuang Zi Yi was delighted. He knew very well that without the last scandal, the movie, even with the better special effects, better graphics, more suspense and with many people impatient to know the plot wouldn’t have gotten as much attention.

Having saved a large amount of publicity money, Zhuang Zi Yi called Gu Qing Yu happily, however he didn’t notice that the eyes of his girlfriend Wei Lingling as she looked at the side of his excited face flashed, almost glowing with a hint of jealousy in them.

Gu Qing Yu naturally wouldn’t waste her energy to let Fei Fei focus on something that far away. She smiled slightly, “How come? It’s all thanks to Director Zhuang, the trailer you made really whetted their appetites.”

Zhuang Zi Yi smiled smugly, “My own appetite was whetted for a long time, so I naturally know how to abuse people!”

The two were chatting happily when Wei Lingling walked over, “Zi Yi, didn’t you say we were going to dinner?”

When Gu Qing Yu heard the soft female voice on the other end of the phone, she smiled, “You’re busy, see you on the day of the movie premiere.”

She hung up the phone and went on to the study to continue painting.

During this period of time, she had to attend classes and couldn’t learn from the master she had just accepted, so she could only send her work to Bai Xiuqi after each painting, so that he could give her some pointers.

Bai Xiuqi was really a master. He obviously didn’t see her painting process, but he could easily see from the finished product what was lacking in her painting and how to improve it.

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  1. How boring can already see a cliche with the missing painting and for someone that needs money she should be looking into this

  2. cameras exist. like, for such expensive paintings people should seqrch high and low for this kind of theft. author what are you doing?

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