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Chapter 10 You saved me, I want to repay you properly

Moreover, the more she ate, the more comfortable her body became. Although the increase in energy wasn’t much, it was indeed increasing, faster than what she could absorb from the air.

The food on the earth was delicious and could increase energy!

This fact surprised Gu Qing Yu who originally thought this was an energy-poor planet and not caring about the eyes of others, ate one bowl after another. It was only after noticing the strange glances of the man in front of her and the lady who served the tenth bowl of noodles that Gu Qing Yu realize that she, seemed to…

Have eaten…. a little too much?

If Mu Xuan Qing knew what she was thinking, he would definitely tell her: This is not ‘a little’ too much, it’s a lot!

His appetite as a grown man wasn’t as terrible as hers!

Gu Qing Yu paused and glared back fiercely at those who recognized her as they looked at her with strange eyes, then looked at the man in front of her, Pay the bill.

With that, she stood up and turned around, wanting to leave.


Mu Xuan Qing scanned the QR code hurriedly, paid then caught up with Gu Qing Yu with his somewhat wretched appearance, What’s your name?

She stopped and looked at him, Is there anything else?


The man was silent for a while. He had even suspected her identity once before, asking himself whether she had saved him because she was sent by some organization to try to gain his trust to figure out his secrets, or to lurk around him and find the opportunity to take him back.

However, now she didn’t even want to tell him her name and he could clearly feel that she seemed to…

Not know him.

It was normal not to know him, but she was too special. Although he had passed out before, his modified body was too perceptive. He had regained consciousness in the middle of her treatment and could clearly feel that she didn’t use any equipment or drugs, but healed his injuries easily….

She wasn’t an ordinary person.

He also didn’t believe, that it was just a coincidence that she appeared at his side at that moment to save him…

Mu Xuan Qing lowered his eyes and said: You saved me, I want to repay you properly.


Gu Qing Yu chuckled lightly, No, you can’t help me.

‘Her’ hatred, she had to avenge it herself to make it interesting.

Besides, you can’t even take care of yourself now, how can you repay me?

She had only healed his superficial wounds, not his entire body. He was now suffering from severe blood loss, his face was pale, his lips were white and he was gasping and sweating as he walked…

Under such circumstances, it was better for him to go to the hospital obediently.

She smiled a little, then turned around to leave.

Wait! There’s a hospital nearby, you should go and treat your wound first…

Mu Xuan Qing held her hurriedly then agitated, began to cough again violently.

Gu Qing Yu narrowed her eyes, looked at him, then sighed.

Human beings were really fragile. Look at how he had almost coughed up his lungs now. Even walking would be a problem, right? She’d better accompany him to the hospital, otherwise he might faint on the way….. If no one discovered him, he might die, then wouldn’t half of the energy she had used be wasted?

Thinking like this, Gu Qing Yu stopped limping, and supporting him, went to the hospital nearby with difficulty.

How did this happen? The old doctor in the hospital frowned when he saw them like this, shaking his head as he tsked.

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