Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 226 Sir, we have already checked

Gu Qing Yu looked outside at Mu Yi and Mu Er, thought about it, sent a message to Mu Yi and got into Father Shen’s car. Father Shen told her about the funny stories from his and Shen Qingyan’s childhood happily. Gu Qing Yu wasn’t very interested, but she listened quietly.

In the back, Mu Yi and Mu Er’s car followed at a distance to make sure they could reach her in the first instance if something happened.

When Father Shen saw that she was living out alone, He was a little upset again.

“That father of yours is really……”

He paused halfway through because, after all, on the surface, Gu Qing Yu, his daughter, was very submissive to Gu Wen Qiang her father, and Father Shen was afraid that if he said more bad things about Gu Wen Qiang, Gu Qing Yu wouldn’t like him.

But he really wanted to roast him so he couldn’t help but lower his head and mutter, “I wonder how Yan Yan fell in love with him……”

It had to be known that Shen Qingyan had many suitors who were more powerful than Gu Wen Qiang back then.

Gu Qing Yu laughed softly but pretended she hadn’t heard it; the Yan Yan he was talking about wasn’t necessarily the original owner’s mother anyway, at least not until it was confirmed.

“But he’s not that bad at making money…… at least he didn’t make you suffer……”

Father Shen spoke his heart out, because the villa in Fairview Park where Gu Qing Yu was now living was really nice, what’s more he had felt it when he had just entered, the security was good, so he felt more at ease with this information at the back of his mind knowing she was living alone.

Was he talking about the villa? However, he probably didn’t know that she had bought the villa herself.

Gu Qing Yu smiled, but she didn’t explain, “Take care.”

“Okay. Qing Yu, you….. rest early.”

Father Shen watched Gu Qing Yu enter the villa somewhat reluctantly, transferring all his feelings for his lost sister of nearly twenty years to Gu Qing Yu, whose face made him think of Shen Qingyan.

He looked over at the villa next to hers thoughtfully.

Perhaps he should ask someone to find out if the villa next door was for sale? That way, he could look after Qing Yu and keep her from being bullied while also being able to see her…..

Father Shen thought about it seriously and did so, but it wouldn’t have worked because Mu Xuan Qing owned the villa.

Mu Xuan Qing had purchased not only this one, but the seven or eight villas around Gu Qing Yu as well.

Because only like this, would it be a little safer.

However, Father Shen’s desire to buy his villa became known to Mu Xuan Qing, who raised an eyebrow, “Uncle?”

Chen Ran nodded, “Yes. Sir, we have already checked, Miss Gu’s mother is indeed Shen Jianian’s sister. The love affair between Shen Jianian’s sister and her boyfriend back then wasn’t approved by both families because the Shen family and the Sun family had had a great conflict prior to the founding of the country, so even though the two young people loved each other very much, the two families disapproved, so, they eloped back to C Country.”

The reason why they had returned to C Country was because the Shen family’s home base was mainly in Canada. Back then, the youngest son of the Sun family went to study in Canada, met Shen Qingyan, pursued her fiercely and even almost died for her before he was finally able to win her heart and then the two of them fell passionately in love and swore an oath before realizing that there was a huge conflict between their families that wouldn’t allow them to be together at all.

The young people saw only love, and fearing that their respective marriages would be arranged by both families, eloped back to C Country together.

However it was sad to see that the two of them didn’t end up together.

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