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Chapter 234 You guys should get rid of them

But it turned out that she hadn’t thought too much and that someone was indeed watching her.

Mu Yi and Mu Er were very perceptive and sensed the difference almost simultaneously with her. They quickly caught the people and gave her a call.

“Miss Gu, we’ve caught two suspicious people. One is a paparazzi who says he suspects a relationship between you and Mr. Shen of LILA …… The other is a detective who says someone hired him to look into Fei Fei’s Studio.”

Gu Qing Yu narrowed her eyes, “You guys should get rid of them.”


When she said get rid of them, she didn’t mean k*ll them. After all, this was a society governed by the rule of law.

However, Mu Yi and Mu Er used to follow Sir Mu Xuan Qing. In the past, when his reputation wasn’t so well known in that top circle, and when fewer people feared him, there had been many attempts to investigate him and also many attempts to follow him and seduce him ……

So Mu Yi and Mu Er were used to dealing with these types of people.

They wouldn’t k*ll them, and they wouldn’t even hurt them if they didn’t go too far. They would just use special means to make them suffer, to make them remember in their bones that Sir, wasn’t someone they could afford to mess with and they would never dare to appear before Sir again.

And at this moment, these two unknowing men, had the same fate!

Mu Yi and Mu Er managed to strike fear into the souls of these two men, causing them to almost flee the neighborhood the next day.

Gu Qing Yu, however, couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.

She had the feeling that the person who had been watching her last night hadn’t been caught yet.

Who could it be?

She had been getting lots of attention lately, and that was because of Fei Fei’s Studio ….

Could it be that…

It was the Sun family?

Gu Qing Yu was right. The Sun family had indeed taken notice of Gu Qing Yu recently.

Sun Mingyuan himself didn’t follow entertainment news online and hardly read anything else online besides financial and social news, so he hadn’t taken notice of Gu Qing Yu, but Mrs. Sun had.

Mrs. Sun had always remembered Shen Jiayan, the most beautiful woman she had ever seen in her life. She was better than her in terms of family, education and everything else, but the only thing that made her better than Shen Jiayan was that her family and the Suns had always been family friends, whereas they were enemies with the Shen family!

So, she won. She finally got Sun Mingyuan, became Mrs. Sun and gave birth to a son and a daughter, but Sun Mingyuan had too high of a standard, that was why he fell in love with a woman like Shen Jiayan who hardly any flaws could be found from, and Sun Mingyuan also never accepted any flaws.

Whenever she thought of this, Mrs. Sun didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

Happy because he had never betrayed their marriage since they got married, or sad because she knew he could never forget that woman…

But so what? That woman was already dead…

Mrs. Sun gritted her teeth as she thought about it.

But now that blasted woman’s daughter had appeared!

Gu Qing Yu…

When she first heard that Duan Xingyuan had just gotten engaged, Mrs. Sun had checked Gu Qing Yu out for her daughter and had been shocked at the resemblance between Gu Qing Yu and that woman who had stolen her man. Even now that woman still had her man’s heart….

And now that woman’s daughter was stealing her daughter’s favorite man!

Mrs. Sun simply hated Shen Jiayan.

However she didn’t dare do anything, because she knew very well that nothing she did could be hidden from Sun Mingyuan’s eyes.

Hence Mrs. Sun could only feel apprehensive at this moment.

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2 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Wow, so it was actually real people spying on her. I guess her spider senses only go so far.

    Hopefully. Mrs San remains self-aware of her role as a side-character.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. What the f*ck with these women always saying “that woman stole her man” when in actually the other woman doesn’t even have anything to do with the man anymore! It made me unnerved with how petty these girlfriends/wives. Just how much trust do you have about your boyfriend/husband?! Or do you even trust them at all? Moreover, if you follow by that “that woman stole her man” logic, that’s mean you’re the one who stole her man, because you’re the second person to be with him meanwhile she was the first! And, this Mrs. Sun, the other woman doesn’t even involve herself with you or your husband anymore, she even never appear in front of your sight for a long long time, and she would never appear again forever because she’s dead! And you have a nerve to feel that the other woman’s daughter stole your daughter’s man?! Well, flash news! Your daughter is the one who stole him from the other woman’s daughter as the other woman’s daughter is his first fianceè and your daughter is the second! If you want to blame someone, blame the man who doesn’t even have a decency to try to forget his ex, not the other woman!

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