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Chapter 22 Her number was out of service??

He took a deep breath, wanting to call Gu Qing Yu to apologize when he suddenly realized that he had deleted all of her contact information yesterday in a fit of rage, even going so far as to delete Gu Wen Qiang’s phone number as well…

He hadn’t been able to wait to erase all his involvement with Gu Qing Yu yesterday. He hadn’t wanted to admit that he had actually liked a woman who cheated on him, so he had been impulsive…

Duan Xing Yuan rubbed his temples, feeling a headache come on.

He couldn’t remember Gu Qing Yu’s number.

Forget it, he would let his assistant look for it.

He received her number quickly and dialed it, only to find that it was out of service!

He frowned.

In just one day, her number had gone out of service?

His heart tightened, suddenly remembering that Gu Wen Qiang wasn’t a person who loved his daughters much. Sure, he spoiled them, but ever since they became adults, he would make them attend certain occasions from time to time and some of the men were also very interested in Gu Qing Yu and Gu Qing Chen.

The Duan family was much more powerful family than the Gu family, so he could have a little bit of autonomy in his marriage, but the daughters of the Duan family could only be used as tools for marriage, hence he knew very well that Gu Wen Qiang wanted to use his two daughters as profit gaining tools.

Gu Qing Yu was extremely beautiful, much more beautiful than Gu Qing Chen, so in Gu Wen Qiang’s eyes, he could definitely ‘trade’ her for a good price. She wasn’t protected by her biological mother like Gu Qing Chen was, so if he hadn’t succeeded in getting her earlier on, Father Gu would have definitely found a way to marry her to a man who could give him the most benefits.

Thinking of this, his heart almost stopped. It was only a day, it was impossible for Gu Wen Qiang to have moved so fast…

He paled, calling Gu Wen Qiang directly.

Gu Wen Qiang hung up the phone, in a very good mood.

He originally thought that the marriage contract with the Duan family had already been blown off, so he thought of sending Gu Qing Yu to his friend in South Africa yesterday when she was at her most desperate. After all, at that time she was most vulnerable and therefore obedient and after such an incident, would be very ashamed and wouldn’t be able to wait to leave the country.

Unexpectedly, in just one day everything turned around.

Compared to his friend in South Africa who occasionally did business in China, of course, it was Duan Xing Yuan, who was rooted in China and had a larger scale and greater influence, that satisfied him the most.

Therefore, when Duan Xing Yuan stated just now that the marriage contract between the two families hadn’t changed, he was very happy.

He had actually seen the things online, but at the time he was only angry, feeling that since Gu Qing Yu found out what happened, she should have told him so that he would handle it in the Gu family instead of posting it. Now after the attention given to their Gu family, Gu Qing Chen’s reputation was also ruined. It would be difficult to find a good family for her in the future.

Moreover, the company’s reputation had also been affected and the stock price had also fluctuated in the past two days. He had lost a lot of money for nothing and had been unable to wait to send her to South Africa immediately.

Unexpectedly, Duan Xing Yuan really has some feelings for his daughter. After knowing the truth, he decided to keep the marriage contract between the two families unchanged and was even going to inject capital into his company again. The Gu family’s stock price would soon recover and even go up!

However Duan Xing Yuan hinted at something else…..

“Uncle Gu, if it hadn’t been for Gu Qing Chen, Qing Yu wouldn’t have been hurt and my relationship with her wouldn’t have been affected. My, Duan Xing Yuan’s woman isn’t so easy to be bullied.”

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