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Chapter 112 I gave you a chance

And usually Gu Qing Yu only gave one or two pens or one or two boxes of paint, never so much…

But Gu Qing Yu’s family was rich, so maybe she and Lin Xiaoyi were close and she really gave them to her?

But if she had given the items to Lin Xiaoyi, why did she call the police? Could it be that it was as Lin Xiaoyi said, Gu Qing Yu was trying to set her up?

But hadn’t the four of them always been very close?

Si Si and Xia Zirou didn’t say a word, but the expressions on their faces made Lin Xiaoyi furious. She gritted her teeth, “Si Si, Zirou, are you in on it with her? Are you all working together to set me up?”

“We’re not!!!” Si Si denied anxiously.

Xia Zirou also frowned then said, “We did receive a brush from Qing Yu as well.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone couldn’t help but start to wonder if Gu Qing Yu had made a mistake.

“Gu Qing Yu, think carefully… could these be the things you gave to student Lin?” The head teacher didn’t want to make a big deal out of this, as if it did, it would turn into a big headache for him hence he couldn’t help but ‘guide’ Gu Qing Yu with these words.

Looking at the hint of smugness in Lin Xiaoyi’s eyes, Gu Qing Yu sneered, “I was originally going to give you a chance. As long as you admitted to this and apologized, I would have pretended that this didn’t happen.”

But Lin Xiaoyi said, “I didn’t do it so why should I admit it!”

Lin Xiaoyi continued with red eyes, “I know you don’t like me and I know you were upset when I borrowed your clothes the last time and accidentally spilled paint on them, but I didn’t do it on purpose… and didn’t I pay you back? You’re the one who didn’t want it….”

Lin Xiaoyi was really very clever. What she said made everyone think that Gu Qing Yu was probably holding a grudge against her because of the clothes incident and that was why she had deliberately given her so many expensive brushes and paints this time and then called the police to say she had stolen from her.

The whole class looked at Gu Qing Yu with slightly odd expressions.

Gu Qing Yu sneered, ”I gave you a chance.”

For some reason, Lin Xiao Yi suddenly had a bad feeling.

Gu Qing Yu climbed the podium expressionlessly, turned on her cell phone and directly projected the surveillance video she had recorded on her phone onto the screen.

Lin Xiaoyi’s heart rose, then her eyes widened as she saw herself appear on the screen!

She rushed forward and tried to grab Gu Qing Yu’s phone but was pulled back violently by Shao Zihan. Shao Zihan’s gloomy face looked at the screen where Lin Xiaoyi went directly to Gu Qing Yu’s desk and skillfully took away the things that had been dumped on the floor just now from the boxes Gu Qing Yu had already unpacked…..

The entire classroom was suddenly in an uproar.

“So Lin Xiaoyi really stole from her!”

“That’s disgusting… she’s looks so gentle… I thought she was so innocent, I didn’t expect her to be a thief!”

“She looks like she’s done it more than once, hasn’t she?”

“Tsk… I can’t believe she just denied it…”

“This video was obviously taken by Gu Qing Yu using surveillance, right? So it must have been more than once, otherwise she wouldn’t have sensed that something was wrong and installed surveillance…..”

“Heavens!!! What is she doing? It’s not enough that she stole from her, she’s destroying her hard work too?”

A girl suddenly exclaimed, looking at the screen where Lin Xiaoyi had finished stealing and was about to leave when she saw Gu Qing Yu’s unlocked locker door. She narrowed her eyes and opened the door…..

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