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Chapter 245 What the h*ll have you two done to me?!

Mu Xuan Qing’s anger made the man laugh with pleasure.

“You know why you’ve survived all these years? Because as the only one who survived normally, I wanted to see just how far you could go and how you could put that energy to work for you…”

Mu Xuan Qing gritted his teeth and his eyes already red as a bloodthirsty beast, he took a deep breath and pulled out his g*n, pointing it at him.

The man laughed, “Don’t be ridiculous, you know very well that these are useless to me…”

After all, his form was switchable. When this body died, he could change into another…

As long as there was energy, he was immortal…

He was a god in relation to the people of this backward planet!

The look in the man’s eyes were crazy, but Mu Xuan Qing only smiled, “That’s why I’m not going to let you die.”

The man froze and in the next second he felt something different. He suddenly found that the air around him was fluctuating all of a sudden, he couldn’t control the energy in the air and it was as if the energy in his body was instantly out of order!

His pupils shrank, “You, what did you do?”

Mu Xuan Qing looked at him calmly and fired his g*n without hesitation!

The man subconsciously tried to dodge, but found that he couldn’t muster the energy and was hit!

“Da*n it…”

His body fell to the ground and the look in his eyes changing, he dodged and tried to leave, but to his surprise, he couldn’t even leave the building. With countless g*ns aimed at him, he tried to escape as he always did, but he was hit directly with countless shots.

He wasn’t afraid of death. Anyway, if he died, his energy body wouldn’t be caught by these lowly creatures and then, he would just change his body again…

But all these humans were so hateful. They actually shot him in the hands and feet but didn’t touch anything else that could have caused fatal damage.

His whole body was full of holes, already dripping with blood, and yet, he wouldn’t die.

If he didn’t die, his prototype wouldn’t be able to come out of this body. Especially in this environment where he suddenly couldn’t use his energy; it was as if his energy was sealed inside this body!

He roared, “What the h*ll have you two done to me?”

Mu Xuan Qing looked at him coldly with no intention of explaining to him.

All TV protagonists were talkative at critical moments, but he wasn’t about to make such a foolish mistake and had him tied up with the special rope made by Gu Qing Yu so that it would be almost impossible for him to use his energy.

The man probably didn’t know that on their planet, Gu Qing Yu, a scientist, had researched many things, including this energy-isolating rope that was useless in the eyes of their kind…

But this invention of Gu Qing Yu was very useful to the interstellar police of their planet. They could use it to catch bad guys and leave them defenseless, otherwise energy bodies wouldn’t be so easy to catch.

It was for this outstanding contribution that she had been rewarded with a state-of-the-art spaceship and, on her own, had developed her own humanized Fei Fei.

After the first time she and Mu Xuan Qing were attacked, Gu Qing Yu had gone to find out what had happened back then, and with the energy in Sir’s body as a clue, she easily guessed the purpose of the person who had captured Sir for their experiments and also guessed that the person might be from their planet…

He wanted to use the energy to make some humans stronger, so he could control the whole planet by controlling these powerful humans.

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