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Chapter 42 Even if they don’t agree, I will definitely marry you!

Duan Xing Yuan considered himself to be the best of the best, and for someone like him who had been at the top since he was a child, of course he had to get the best, whether it was love or career, he had to be a winner!

He looked at Gu Qing Yu in front of him, not doubting for a moment that she would refuse.

She loved him, he knew that.

Ninety-nine percent of the women in this world couldn’t resist his ultimate romantic pursuit, and whatever Gu Qing Yu wanted, he could deliver it to her first time or even one step earlier.

So many people had chased her, but he was the only one who had succeeded and made her so infatuated with him.

Gu Qing Yu probably knew what he was thinking. She looked at the man in front of her who looked as if he was bound to win thoughtfully…

She could refuse him now, but then she wouldn’t be able to hurt him any more.

Moreover, if she were to refuse now, it would appear to him that it was just the capriciousness and willfulness of a woman. He wouldn’t feel that she was refusing because she didn’t love him.

Because this man had an almost narcissistic confidence in himself.

After a long silence, she stretched out her hand, looking at him with red eyes…..

Duan Xing Yuan’s eyes lit up as he put the ring on her finger. He leaned down to kiss her only to be rejected without hesitation as she turned her face away.

“I agree to your proposal, but… what about your family? Do they also accept that we get married now?”

If they had accepted it, they wouldn’t have arranged for Duan Xing Yuan to go on a blind date even after knowing that she had already clarified online that the person in the video wasn’t her.

Duan Xing Yuan’s eyes flashed. Of course he knew that it wasn’t that easy.

Previously, the old man felt that since she was a woman he liked so much and since their Duan family was strong enough, they didn’t need a woman to support them, so it would be less tiring to allow him to marry a woman of his choice, moreover having the woman he loved by his side to keep him company when he was stressed from work wouldn’t be tiring either.

But things were different now. The appearance of his father’s illegitimate son made the old man and his mother feel that his position may be affected, especially his mother…

The reason she had arranged a blind date for him this time was because she knew that his father’s illegitimate son had already met with several young ladies from big families in the imperial capital under his father’s arrangement…

It was obvious that his father was biased towards his illegitimate son, Duan Xingchen and had even started to pave the way for him. Knowing that Duan Xingchen didn’t have a strong family backing him like he, Duan Xing Yuan had with his mother’s family, his father wanted to find a wife with a powerful family for him…

This way, Duan Xingchen’s starting line would no longer be so far behind his.

The woman kept outside by his father was indeed extraordinary.

Not too young but still able to appease his father so that he wouldn’t go for other younger and prettier women and was able to make him stay devoted to her and hide their son for more than a decade before the Duan family found out…

That woman was very patient and very calculating, completely after the Duan family’s wealth, that was why his mother was so anxious….

Nevertheless he was incredibly confident, thinking to himself that he was very strong and excellent. He didn’t need to rely on a woman to climb up like Duan Xingchen, he was sufficient on his own.

That was why, Duan Xingchen had to fawn over women he didn’t really like, while he didn’t have to.

He could still marry the woman he liked!

He looked at Gu Qing Yu with incomparable confidence and satisfaction.

“Don’t worry, they will agree. Even if they don’t agree, I will definitely marry you!” Duan Xing Yuan promised.

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