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Chapter 244 Sir is here!

The man licked the blood from the corner of his mouth that Gu Qing Yu had punched and smiled as if he found the blood sweet.

Gu Qing Yu laughed coldly, “Don’t dream about it! I won’t stay with trash like you!”

“Then that’s a shame…”

The man smiled, his eyes suddenly flashed and the next moment, he struck without hesitation!

Earlier he had only been dodging, but now when he struck, Gu Qing Yu realized how terrifying his killing aura was. Now it was her turn to dodge, not because she didn’t want to fight back, but because the man’s attack was so fierce that she could only dodge!

Her heart becoming a little apprehensive, her eyes motioned for Mu Yi and Mu Er to leave. Her energy was running out and she was probably no match for this man, but how could Mu Yi and Mu Er leave? Seeing Gu Qing Yu in a weakened state, they pounced on the man although they knew that they were no match for him, however they were no match for the man’s slap. Gu Qing Yu’s eyes widened, knowing that this time he was using deadly energy and that one blow from him would probably kill Mu Yi and Mu Er, she quickly blocked it for them, but instantly ran out of energy herself.

“Just to save these lowly creatures, you wouldn’t even hesitate to give up your own life?”

Raising his eyebrows, the man shook his head repeatedly, “I guessed wrong. You’re just like these stupid Earthlings. You like to be affectionate, but that… just means you’re not qualified to stand side by side with me. Be my subordinate.”

“Who wants to be your subordinate!”

Roaring, Gu Qing Yu lunged at him, mentally prepared for certain death. Mu Xuan Qing’s face flashed in her mind and a smile even appeared in her eyes…

It was enough to have met someone like Sir and to be pampered by him before she died.

The time she had spent on Earth was more exciting and interesting than the time she had spent on her own planet. It had been worth it!

The next moment, her waist was grabbed from behind. Looking up, Gu Qing Yu saw a familiar calm face that made her eyes light up instantly: “Sir!”

Mu Xuan Qing nodded, shielded her behind him and fought with the man.

He had been preparing for a long time, at least ten years. The first few years he had still been young and hadn’t been able to find any trace of this man, but in the next ten years he had worked hard to find the whereabouts of this man and had recently led him directly to C Country.

Once on his turf, everything was much easier to arrange.

Only, he didn’t expect that this man was from the same place as Gu Qing Yu…

What’s more, he didn’t expect that he would want Gu Qing Yu.

His eyes cold, Mu Xuan Qing barely gave the man a moment to react, landing blow after fatal blow. It was a close fight!

Gu Qing Yu was a little surprised, however the strength that Mu Xuan Qing had shown earlier wasn’t weak, and he could even be said to be using the same energy as she and this man were using. Moreover, Mu Xuan Qing had studied martial arts and he seemed to have integrated them together, unlike those who used pure energy, causing the man to be caught off guard and to be at a bit of a disadvantage.

“I didn’t expect you to grow up so much after more than ten years of not seeing you… No wonder you’re my most successful experiment…”

The man was wounded, but he wasn’t angry. He even smiled more happily.

His attitude angered Mu Xuan Qing, and when he thought of his partners who had died, as well as those who had survived but were still suffering from the effects of his experiments to this day… he couldn’t wait to cut this man into pieces!

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