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Chapter 298 Suspects

Now that No. 01 and No. 02 had appeared, soon, there would be No. 03, No. 04 and No. 05……

She just didn’t know, which one it was that had come to her lab.

Smiling lightly, Gu Qing Yu opened her smart brain with aplomb, then looked for the security footage that Earth’s technology had deemed to have been completely erased, however she sighed when she saw the image inside.

It was a shame.

The person in the video had wrapped himself all over. She could only get a rough idea of his body shape, how tall and thin he was, and that he was a man, but nothing else could be seen.

No, that wasn’t right.

This man…..

The way he walked, was a bit strange.

Squinting, Gu Qing Yu smiled.

“Fei Fei.”

“Yes, master.”

Fei Fei popped up quickly.

“Check this picture and find anyone with a similar build. Oh…… yes, preferably with an injury to the left leg, regardless of whether they can walk now, as long as they are injured, find them all.”

If anyone else on earth heard this, especially the relevant authorities, they would definitely think she was dreaming. There were so many people in the world, billions of them, with so many similarly shaped people, how could she find them?

But that was because they lacked the technology her planet possessed. With the smart brain she had created and Fei Fei’s AI working together, it might not take that long……

In less than ten minutes, Fei Fei sent her the files of the last seven or eight possible suspects, all of whom had past injuries to their left feet with similar body shape.

Gu Qing Yu’s eyes narrowed as she looked at the profiles of the people on the list.

She sent the files to Chen Ran, who quickly looked up the movements of these people in the past seven days for her.

Mu Xuan Qing was with Chen Ran and so naturally saw the information. After checking them one by one, Chen Ran told Gu Qing Yu the results: “The first one has recently fallen seriously ill and is in the hospital awaiting surgery. The second was attending a global conference, so he couldn’t have slipped into C Country while the conference was ongoing. The third was confirmed dead in an accident on his visit to another country. The fourth….. and last one is a celebrity, a famous and wealthy businessman from J Country, but he seems to have been paralyzed in the lower part of his body due to an accident some time ago and is confined to a wheelchair, so it’s probably not him?”

Lifting the pictures, Mu Xuan Qing looked at them one by one, his eyes lingering on the third and last pictures.

“We can’t be certain that the third one is really dead, because even if a body was found, it’s possible that it could have been switched…… The last one who is paralyzed in the lower part of his body and who needs a wheelchair, happens to be rarely seen in public….. he is also a suspect. These two, must be checked again.”

Mu Xuan Qing’s idea coincided with Gu Qing Yu’s. The third person who was dead was actually more suspicious, but he had died abroad, and Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu wouldn’t go as far as to go abroad just to find out if he was really dead, so it was Chen Ran’s responsibility.

Mu Xuan Qing stared at the last picture, “I met Chishang Qing once. He met with an accident when he was young and was indeed paralyzed, but was smart enough to use his wisdom and ambition to kick out the other heirs of the Chishang family to assume his current position despite his situation. It’s only because he can’t stand up that he’s been less visible over the years, but his ability and ambition are not to be ignored.”

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