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Chapter 268 As long as Sir still needs me, I won’t leave


Looking at Mu Xuan Qing, who was clearly pretending to be pitiful in front of her, Gu Qing Yu found it surprising that she actually couldn’t refuse him.

After she woke up today, she told him what she had gone through all this time, including what exactly had happened to her that day, why she had left her body, what she had gone to do after she had left her body and why she hadn’t returned to this body until now….

Mu Xuan Qing seemed to understand, but his insecurity didn’t seem to have disappeared because she told him this. Rather, it had gotten worse?

She did have a lot of energy now and didn’t need his blood anymore, but of course, she still needed him.

However it was normal for him to feel insecure.

“Sir, do you still need me then?” She looked at him steadily.

“I do.”

“As long as Sir still needs me, I won’t leave.” Looking at him, she gave him her word in earnest.

The knot in Mu Xuan Qing’s throat rolled and he hugged her, “Words don’t give security, the law does. Gu Qing Yu, marry me!”

“…. Alright.”

This time, in her sober state, she promised him in all seriousness.

Gu Qing Yu had been laid down for over a month and despite the fact that she had applied for early graduation for her classes in school, had enough credits, her graduation work had become the first place jointly selected by all the teachers, and she had aced her thesis, she still needed to go back for her graduation defense.

She was a special case, but she had done so well that it wasn’t impossible for her to graduate early.

As it was timed just before their wedding, Mu Xuan Qing followed Gu Qing Yu to the School of Fine Arts at S University. Gu Qing Yu was used to it, moreover the earlier incident had cast a psychological shadow on him, causing him to now not be able to not see her at all; she had to follow him in everything she did.

The good thing was that he didn’t cling to her constantly. He just had to be able to see her all the time.

Gu Qing Yu easily passed her defense, and after making sure that her certificate would be sent directly to her home in the Imperial Capital when the time came, the two left together, but took a walk around the campus without taking a car.

Unexpectedly, in such a short time, Gu Qing Yu saw something that was interesting.

Shao Zi Han was actually walking with Lin Xiaoyi and the two looked extremely close. Only, the two separated once they were in front of other people.

Tsk, it seems Lin Xiaoyi had finally realized her dream and got the man she wanted.

But she was too cruel. Although Gu Qing Yu didn’t know the truth, she had the feeling that Lin Xiaoyi had something to do with Zhuang Jing being so impulsive that day.

Only, now Zhuang Jing was already unable to protect herself as she was still in jail and her parents had to rely on Zhuang Zi Yi to survive after completely going bankrupt. Zhuang Zi Yi was a man of the times and knew how terrible ‘Sir’ was, so he only gave the Zhuang couple enough to live on and instructed someone to keep a close eye on them so they wouldn’t have the chance to disturb Gu Qing Yu.

When in actual fact, they wouldn’t even be able to get close to Gu Qing Yu to disturb her.

Now, Gu Qing Yu had reached a position that was beyond their reach.

Gu Qing Yu didn’t expect to find something else that would surprise her when she returned to the Gu Mansion to pack up the things the original owner valued and wanted to keep.

Father Gu had actually been kicked out of the Gu Group which he had established and expanded. During her coma, the Gu Group had encountered a number of crises as well as some of the mines she had laid down earlier, which caused the life of the Gu Group to fall apart, and naturally the shareholders wouldn’t allow the company to go on like this.

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