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Chapter 20 How to retaliate

The two most important people who had made the original owner’s heart die, one was Duan Xing Yuan, because she discovered that he didn’t love her, otherwise he wouldn’t have distrusted and hated her so much after misunderstanding her.

The other was her father, Gu Wen Qiang.

Gu Wen Qiang didn’t love her either. He betrayed her and her mother who died unclearly and now, after realizing that Duan Xing Yuan didn’t want her anymore and that he couldn’t get enough benefits from her, didn’t hesitate to decide to marry her to his friend in South Africa to squeeze the last value out of her…

But the video was just a fuse. She really hated these two men the most.

If the original owner knew how the video came about, she might have added Gu Qing Chen. But it didn’t matter, she liked to buy one and get one free, so Gu Qing Chen would be treated as a gift from shopping.

But to retaliate against these people…

Lin Han Jiao was a good tool.

Gu Qing Yu smiled faintly. Wanting to make a person suffer was very simple, let him lose what he cared about the most, then tear apart his pride!

Duan Xing Yuan cared about his career the most and he felt that the original owner loved him very much.

So, she wanted to let him know that she was an existence he couldn’t even touch when he thought she was within his reach, and that she actually… hated and despised him!

Lin Han Jiao obviously misunderstood her meaning and thought she loved Duan Xing Yuan so much that was why she’d asked her to help explain. Lin Han Jiao thought for a while then nodded, “Alright, I’ll help you explain, but how are you going to help me?”

“I started a company and you’ll be the first internet celebrity to sign up with us.” Gu Qing Yu had already figured out that many things in this world needed to be purchased with money, unlike her planet where whoever found whatever first owned it. She wanted to absorb more energy and figure out where the energy on this planet came from so that she could collect and utilize it fully.

And to do this, she needed a lot of money.

Although the original owner had money, she was still studying and Father Gu treated her and Gu Qing Chen equally, giving them both 50,000 yuan a month for living expenses. 50,000 yuan was a lot to others, but for the two of them that spent tens of thousands on a single piece of clothing, it wasn’t much. Gu Qing Yu only had hundreds of thousands of red envelope money that she had saved since she was a child.

But it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to collect energy and find the secret of this planet’s energy!

She could steal a lot of money from the banks on this planet in the fastest way, but then she wouldn’t be able to maintain a peaceful life. Maybe even her identity as an alien visitor would be exposed. She was confident that no one on this backward planet could catch her to slice and dice for research, but she didn’t want to keep hiding. After all, it had been very difficult for her to find another planet suitable for survival in a short time, and she couldn’t even go to outer space at the moment…..

Therefore, she needed to make money.

She had studied the fastest ways to get money but they were all illegal.

So, she thought of the popular live broadcast in China. She herself was too lazy to be an internet celebrity, but she could let Lin Han Jiao, who looked a lot like her and was easy to control go.

Lin Han Jiao was tempted, but because of their opposing identities, she was a little uneasy. She had harmed Gu Qing Yu like this, and still had to use her appearance again. Did Gu Qing Yu really not mind and was willing to repay grievances with virtue? What if she did something in the contract, or she forced her to do something she didn’t like when she joined her company…. then what could she, Lin Han Jiao do?

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  1. Actually, the easiest way for someone like her to earn large amounts of money is stocks. Information gathering is obviously very easy for her, and with information on various companies easily obtainable, and how easy it is for her to learn, she would be able to make money quite easily right?

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