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Chapter 17 Sure enough, it was that b**ch!

Shen Cheng laughed coldly, “Gu Qing Chen, you’re ruthless. I, Shen Cheng, fell into your hands today and now everyone is laughing at me for sleeping with an ugly girl… I’m telling you, you’ll pay the price for treating me as a fool!”

With that, he hung up.

Gu Qing Chen’s face changed.

She was actually not as calm as she had sounded on the phone. As her trembling hand re-opened Gu Qing Yu’s Weibo post, her face twisted when she saw the more than 30,000 comments below with most of them calling her vicious and snake-hearted…

Damn it, where in the world did Gu Qing Yu get them from? Her cell phone had always been with her, so how did she find the chat records?

No, she could have only gotten it from Lin Han Jiao or Shen Cheng….

No, it couldn’t be from Shen Cheng. If it was from him, he would have noticed it a long time ago. After all, he was studying IT. If there was a problem with his cell phone, he would know and would definitely not be willing to let this information spread.

Then it could only be from Lin Han Jiao.

Only Lin Han Jiao, that woman was willing to do anything for money!

Gritting her teeth, she took her cell phone out and called Lin Han Jiao. The call went through, but Lin Han Jiao didn’t answer. After a while, she stopped.

“Sure enough, it was that b**ch!”

Gu Qing Chen decided instantly that it was definitely Lin Han Jiao who had done it.

Picking up her bag, she rushed straight to Lin Han Jiao’s residence.

She had to make Lin Han Jiao pacify Shen Cheng. Shen Cheng was rich and had an aggressive and often reckless personality, which was one of the reasons why she didn’t dare reject him explicitly. The other reason was…

Naturally, it was because there were a lot of benefits to knowing him.

And at this moment, Lin Han Jiao, who was being cursed by Gu Qing Chen in her heart, was gulping as she looked at the elegant Miss Gu.

Miss Gu had come in a wheelchair today as she was suffering from a leg injury, but she didn’t feel the weakness that was associated with being a patient at all. Lin Han Jiao knew exactly what Gu Qing Yu looked like, because in order to look like her after doing plastic surgery, she had studied almost every part of her face countless times.

She had been very happy when the plastic surgery succeeded, because she was no longer as ordinary as she used to be and was no longer the ugly woman people said she was. There were now a lot of men pursuing her and she had even dated a young master like Shen Cheng, someone she would have never ever dared to think of before.

She had thought she was no different from Gu Qing Yu, but when this Miss Gu really sat in front of her, she realized that they were nothing alike.

The facial features of the woman in front of her were extremely soft, her eyes moist, with a clarity and brightness that she didn’t and couldn’t have. Her eyelashes were thick and curled, different from the artificial false eyelashes she had to redo once every two weeks. Her skin was extremely fine, looking like water could be squeezed out at any moment, so tender that it was enough to make one jealous…

The most important thing was her temperament…

It was really the same as what everyone said online. There was no way she could imitate that.

She received unprecedented attention and love because of the designer clothes and shoes she wore, as well as the designer bags she had, making her believe she was the same as Gu Qing Yu, but at this very moment, she discovered that she wasn’t the same at all.

The cool and detached noble aura that Gu Qing Yu had around her was something she couldn’t imitate. Even her gesture of picking up the coffee was so graceful that she was ashamed of herself.

Lin Han Jiao had a feeling that in front of Gu Qing Yu, she was automatically one inch tall.

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  1. Why is she in a wheelchair i thought she would have healed herself by now. Wonder what her plans will be for making money

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