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Chapter 307 Unable to refuse

The Xiao family was a powerful family in the Imperial Capital, so Mu Xuan Yang was immediately moved.

If Mu Ai could marry into the Xiao family, it would be a great help to his career…..

Mu Ai wasn’t wrong. She had become more beautiful than before and she had a lot of suitors. If it wasn’t that she was from the Mu family, afraid even the married ones would open their mouths…..

However, Mu Xuan Yang wasn’t so stupid as to let Mu Ai become those bigwigs lover. For one thing, the parents of the wives of those bigwigs were extremely powerful, and he couldn’t afford to offend them. Two, Mu Xuan Lin would never allow him to do so because it would harm the Mu family’s reputation, and if Sir found out, Mu Xuan Lin would most likely expel them from the Mu family, and he would no longer be able to use both Sir’s and the Mu family’s names to advance his career.

But this second young master of the Xiao family that Mu Ai was talking about was different. Although his reputation wasn’t very good and he wouldn’t be able to succeed the Xiao family in the future, he was at least a member of the Xiao family, therefore if Mu Ai married him, it would definitely help him in his career in the future.

If, after raising such a beautiful daughter, she could only stay at home and have nothing better to do other than shopping, spending money every day and being surrounded by young men… then he would feel that it had been a waste of resources, moreover it would also affect the reputation of the Mu family.

It would be great if she could marry into the Xiao family.

Mu Ai knew the way Mu Xuan Yang’s mind worked, which was why she had said this. She knew that her father would agree if she used the second young master of the Xiao family as bait.

However her father probably didn’t understand her very well. After marrying Duan Xing Yuan, Mu Ai had long since given up on marrying into a prestigious family that just had an endless supply of money. She was looking for young men who would be obedient, not clingy and who needed money so she would be able to get rid of them easily. Wasn’t it nice to be able to change her preferences whenever she wanted? She didn’t want to be a shackled wife to a wealthy family; she simply wanted to be wealthy in her own right, and the most beautiful one at that.

Mu Ai believed that with her golden finger, she would succeed!

Now all that was needed was for her father to open the back door a little for her to be able to get into the lab to complete her first mission.

The lab was owned by the Mu family, but it was a non-focused one, and the person in charge hadn’t met Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu in person, but he was aware of the power of the Mu family, so when he received Mu Xuan Yang’s phone call, he hesitated. It was only after he heard that Mu Xuan Yang only wanted to bring his daughter in to be a pretty receptionist who wouldn’t be involved in any key tasks that he agreed to it.

No matter what she was from the Mu family, what’s more Mu Ai was Sir’s niece and she was just choosing to be a receptionist, a job that wasn’t important. If Sir got to know, he would definitely also agree right?

As for the reason, Mu Xuan Yang said that his daughter had nothing to do all day and so he wanted to find a job for her so that she wouldn’t be called a loafer.

Many young ladies from wealthy families were like this. Thinking that they had nothing to do, they were willing to find a job in a large corporation or institution, regardless of pay or treatment, in order to maintain their good reputation. This was especially true for their research institute, a key national research institute that was frequently in the news. If Mu Ai worked here, wouldn’t she be respected?

The person in charge felt that he could understand Mu Xuan Yang and Mu Ai’s thoughts and so thinking that it wasn’t a big deal and that he didn’t dare offend the Mu family, he agreed.

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