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Chapter 304 Can you really help me?

Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu went to find Chishang Qing at the first opportunity.

They originally thought that Chishang Qing wouldn’t cooperate, but to their surprise, he welcomed them with open arms, albeit with a little apprehension.

“He…… has killed many of our companions and I’m next. I think he’s coming for me soon…. you have to protect me!” Chishang Qing wasn’t as high-spirited and energetic, as reserved and arrogant as he had been at the party. His hair was disheveled, he was cowering in fear and because of the lack of energy, he couldn’t walk on one of his badly injured legs making it so that now he really had to stay in his wheelchair. No wonder he was terrified that that man would come to kill him.

Gu Qing Yu nodded. This Chishang Qing was just a businessman and he had chosen to work with that man only for his legs. Although he had done a lot of work for him, in the end, they weren’t atrocious, moreover, Chishang Qing had some connections with the political circles of J Country, so if he died in C Country, it would affect the relationship between the two countries.

So, no matter which way this situation was looked at, she and Mu Xuan Qing would have to help him.

Chishang Qing was so alert that he didn’t dare eat or sleep, his whole body trembling with fear.

But Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu were very calm. They had agreed to protect him, but they were actually sitting on the balcony drinking tea, chatting and stargazing without any great sense of urgency. Chishang Qing felt a little resentful in his heart, but it was rare that someone was willing to help him, what’s more they seemed to be using the same mysterious power like him, so he naturally dared not speak out in anger.

Outside the window, a tall thin figure looked up at the scene inside the house. He didn’t dare to use energy detection, but he had already felt for the past few days that these two had been following him……

And, before that, the two of them had also met with Chishang Qing.

He didn’t have much energy now, so he couldn’t fight them with everything he had…..

Anyways that Chishang Qing probably didn’t have much energy left in him.

The man lowered his eyelashes then turned to leave wordlessly.

Gu Qing Yu narrowed her eyes as she looked out the window, as if she was aware of something…

Someone seemed to have been spying on them just now? Was it that person? But, she didn’t seem to have felt any energy fluctuations….

If there were no energy fluctuations, then it probably wasn’t that person.

Gu Qing Yu didn’t bother to look into it, but if she had, she would have realized that it was someone whose face she recognized!

Mu Ai.

‘Mu Ai’s’ eyes were very dark as she walked calmly, taking very slow steps.


The driver opened the door and Mu Ai got into the car, calmly allowing the driver take her to her home, where she had been living alone since her divorce.

The moment the door closed, Mu Ai finally regained her vitality, asking excitedly, “Can you really help me?”

If anyone were to see this scene, they would have been very weirded out, because Mu Ai was talking to herself.

“Yes, you are my chosen one. As long as you complete your task, you will get what you want from me. Haven’t you already experienced it? A flawlessly beautiful body.”

A voice rang out in Mu Ai’s head, and the voice was clearly that of No. 00.

The day No. 00 and No. 01 run to the hotel, Mu Ai also happened to be staying there and No. 00’s body was already very weak, moreover the body he was using had already been exposed. If he continued using it, Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu would definitely find him, so he abandoned the body immediately.

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