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Chapter 303 He couldn’t bear to

Gu Qing Yu glared at him, “To make things fair, I want to see the Sir I’ve never seen before as well!”

Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes flashed, “Then I would welcome it very much.”

He opened his arms, “Come, which place of mine does Madam want to see?”

The corners of Gu Qing Yu’s mouth twitched, “Hmph, what I want to see, naturally can’t be provided by Sir.”

Mu Xuan Qing froze for a moment, suddenly regretting it.

Did she want to see him…. as a child?

Some videos of him as a child still existed in Old Master Mu’s old house and….

The only other videos that were still available were…

When he had been in the laboratory.

The videos from his time in the lab were when he was at his coldest, loneliest and most helpless…. He didn’t want Gu Qing Yu to see them.

He was afraid that her heart would ache.

Although he would have a lot of benefits if her heart ached…… he couldn’t bear to make her go through that.

Fortunately, they didn’t have time to discuss it any further because Fei Fei had combed through all the surveillance footage and discovered that No. 00 and No. 01 hadn’t ran far; they stayed at a nearby hotel, after which No. 01 disappeared.

Gu Qing Yu’s eyes narrowed, “It’s normal, they need energy and over 95% of that energy on this planet is with us. We don’t even have to go looking for them, they’ll just come to us.”

Nevertheless, they still went to the hotel with Chen Ran, only to find that No. 01 hadn’t disappeared, he was dead!

This was too strange.

Mu Xuan Qing’s expression sank. According to No. 01’s confession, he was the first subject No. 00 had experimented on after he found out that he was still alive and so subsequently found a way to do the experiment, hence at that time, that person didn’t quite know how to exercise restraint, and just like when he had experimented on him, had accidentally fed No. 01 too much energy, resulting in No. 01 having to bleed out once a month like he once had to. Therefore, the energy left in No. 01’s body, as long as he didn’t use it indiscriminately, should be enough to keep him alive for a few more years. It was simply impossible for him to die because of energy depletion….

The only possibility was….

Gu Qing Yu’s face was a bit ugly, “He sucked the energy out of No. 01’s body!”

It was No. 01 who had saved him, but he ended up killing him in the end….

Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes were also a bit cold.

“Next, he will definitely come to us or…. find someone else.”

Gu Qing Yu was right, because over the next month, people suddenly died from time to time, but probably because of the energy restriction, these people died within C Country, however they were quite a lot, because that person’s successful experiments were already in C Country because they needed energy and those people only knew that the energy was provided by No. 00 but were defenseless against him, that was why he was able to kill them so easily.

All of them were in C Country and all of them died in the same way, hence they were all sent to the same department, making it so that Mu Xuan Qing was soon able to see their autopsy reports, and after taking Gu Qing Yu to examine two of the bodies sent to the Imperial Capital, it was confirmed.

All these people had died because of that man.

“Although these people might not have had much energy left in them, but after sucking this, if he hides without making a move, even if he hides for a year, it will be difficult for us to find him.” After all, C Country was a vast country, so it would really be difficult to find him.

“Unless…… he doesn’t intend to stop yet and… we find the person he wants to take action against ahead of time…. ” After Gu Qing Yu finished saying this, she and Mu Xuan Qing looked at each other: “Chishang Qing!!”

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