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Chapter 168 Sir ~ I miss you

By the time the cooperation between Zhuang Zi Yi and Gu Qing Yu was ruined, Zhuang Zi Yi would definitely be angry and their relationship, even if repaired, wouldn’t be the same as before, and they might even drift apart.

She might never even know that this man was a good man who had no other thoughts when it came to a near-perfect woman like Gu Qing Yu, and even only wanted to develop his own affairs so he could propose to her…

Wei Ling Ling’s eyes suddenly warmed up and pouncing, she hugged Zhuang Zi Yi…

Zhuang Zi Yi was stunned then feeling his shoulders get slightly wet, felt a little helpless, “You… what’s wrong? The beef… don’t worry, I’ll give it to you…”


Wei Ling Ling’s voice was a little hoarse, “How can you propose like this? I won’t say yes, hmph.”


Across the room, Gu Qing Yu felt abused.

She looked at the staff calmly, put her chopsticks down carefully and went out.

Good, so Wei Ling Ling wouldn’t be hostile to her anymore, right? If her chosen partner’s girlfriend kept on disliking her, their cooperation wouldn’t work out well and she’d have to go to a lot of trouble if she had to change her partner.

It was good to be able to solve things this easily.

As soon as she left, Mu Yi drove up in a car, “Miss Gu.”

When Sir returned to the capital, he left him and Mu Er behind openly, and since Miss Gu and Sir’s relationship had been announced officially on Weibo, they could naturally appear openly.

So, he had become Miss Gu’s driver while Mu Er remained in the shadows, watching Miss Gu’s surroundings the way they used to, to make sure there was no danger present.

One in the light and the other in the shadows, and both of them were very experienced, so Sir could trust their future Mistress to them.

Mu Yi thought to himself.

Gu Qing Yu nodded and got into the car, the corners of her mouth lifting slightly.

It was obvious that he wasn’t here, but his presence was so strong that she couldn’t ignore it.

What to do? She suddenly wanted to see him.

Not because he was her food reserve, but because she really…. just wanted to see him.

And having never been one to hide her thoughts, she took out her cell phone and sent a message to Mu Xuan Qing who was in the capital.

“Sir ~ I miss you.”

Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes darkened as he looked at the words on the screen, his fists clenching slowly…

He, definitely missed her more than she missed him.

But, now wasn’t the time.

He had to get rid of all his potential enemies before he could pursue his own happiness.

“Sir, are we going home?” After finishing today’s business, Chen Ran pulled open the door of the car and looked at Mu Xuan Qing.

Mu Xuan Qing was silent for a few seconds then shook his head

“Go to the nearest cinema.”

Chen Ran’s eyes flashed with understanding and then he nodded with a smile, “Yes, Sir.”

Gu Qing Yu didn’t know that Mu Xuan Qing didn’t reply because at this moment, he was in a cinema in the capital, watching a very expensive movie. Her [Star].

There were a lot of people watching [Star], especially the domestic animated movie makers who wanted [Star] to be a hit, which would mean that their domestic animated movies were no worse than the foreign ones, but didn’t want it to be a hit as well, because that would mean a bigger challenge for them, and maybe the animated movies they were working on would end up being a failure in comparison. In contrast, they might even end up losing all their money.

And many netizens were also paying much attention the box office of [Star], which had already received a good reputation after its premiere yesterday.

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