Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 208 I would have forgotten what you looked like!

Experiments in extracting energy from food had been marginally successful.

Although Mu Xuan Qing hadn’t seen her for a long time, he actually knew what she was up to every day and while he was amazed at her awesome abilities, he was also proud of her.

At the sight of her, his eyes softened instantly.

Gu Qing Yu hugged him directly, burying her face in his arms with a smile, “Sir~ If you hadn’t come to see me, I would have forgotten what you looked like!”

Mu Xuan Qing narrowed his eyes, his tone a little dangerous, “Really?”

Gu Qing Yu however wasn’t afraid at all as she nodded with a smile, “Yes, so you need to show up more often, otherwise, I’ll really forget about you!”

Pulling him, she dragged him inside, not mentioning for a moment that she already knew that the house next door was his. Every time he came to S City, he would park his car in front of her house and act as if he was asking her to take him in. Tsk, anyway for sumptuous food like this, of course it had to be kept within one’s reach.

Tonight was another full moon night, which was why Mu Xuan Qing had come to see her after being so busy for a long time. If it were an ordinary woman, she would have probably assumed irrationally that he wasn’t here for her and only saw her as a tool, but Gu Qing Yu wasn’t an ordinary person. She felt that she had earned it, that was why her food had come to her door so willingly. She couldn’t be more happier with this situation and planned to take full advantage. How would she have so much time to think about all that nonsense?

And so, after a month, the two spent another night together in the most intimate way, yet not the most intimate way for a man and woman on earth.

The next day Mu Xuan Qing was somehow busy again, however Gu Qing Yu wasn’t worried, because she knew he was safe.

Moreover she knew he was dealing with the men who had almost hurt them last time…

He wanted to get rid of those people so he could be with her when it was completely safe. He was busy, not for his own sake, but for the two of them.

So how could she possibly lose her cool over something like that? Although, she didn’t understand why humans had to have tantrums at all either. If they were upset, couldn’t they just say so?

Gu Qing Yu was happy to be invited by Zhuang Zi Yi and Shen Rui Yi to attend the premiere of [The Summit] on the National Day. The long and overwhelming advertisements over the past half month or so had made the film much anticipated, and the first pre-sale alone had already exceeded million, so one could tell that as long as the script and the special effects were up to par, the film would never flop.

Indeed, the film wasn’t a flop. Shen Ruiyi and Zhuang Zi Yi sat together with Gu Qing Yu. The 3D effect in the cinema was stunning, with the audience occasionally letting out cries of surprise and laughter, the overall atmosphere very harmonious, and the ending of the film was even more melodramatic. Listening to some of the audience sobbing uncontrollably, Shen Ruiyi felt he had won.

When the film ended, a surprising number of audience rushed out to buy tickets for the next viewing, saying they wanted to watch the movie again.

There were countless of positive comments about the film online, “As expected of a collaboration between a movie emperor and a movie queen, their acting is simply unbeatable. It even makes me wonder if such two people really exist in this world….”

“With a relatable plot that will have you laughing out loud and then tearing up at the subliminal themes, [The Summit] is a good movie that deserves a second watch!”

“The special effects are simply amazing, better than I expected. It definitely doesn’t lose to a Hollywood blockbuster!”

“But wasn’t it done by a Hollywood team? No matter how good the movie is, these special effects are someone else’s, there’s nothing to be proud of…..”

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  1. Dear Gu Qing Yu, hormones are anything but rational. They are solely designed to improve the chances of propagation of the human species.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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