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Chapter 3 Don’t move

It wasn’t even enough for her to reconnect her broken leg…

However, something was better than nothing.

It seems that until she could gather enough energy, she could only use this world’s medical skills to heal her injuries. Although this process was really too slow, she could guess from the memories extracted from Gu Qing Yu’s brain that such an injury would take at least a few months to heal completely in this world…

But now she couldn’t even use human medical techniques to heal herself.

It took money to treat a injury. In Gu Qing Yu’s desperation to commit suicide, she didn’t even pick the phone when it dropped to the ground. Right now, she didn’t even have a cent on her body, so she couldn’t treat it at all.

She had gathered the energy in this place, so it was better to go to another location.

She stood up, using the pile of bricks as support and was about to leave when she suddenly scented the fishy smell of blood.

Moreover, it was the fishy smell of very fresh blood

She always felt very uncomfortable when she smelled the blood of humans, but the smell of this blood that she scented at this time was very tempting, it even made her vaguely feel a little hungry…

Hmm… she really wanted it.

With her throat moving, Gu Qing Yu followed the source of that tantalizing scent like a beast that only operated on instincts, and within a few minutes, found the man hiding in the corner of the abandoned factory.

The man was about twenty-seven or twenty-eight and from his appearance looked very young, but his eyes were incomparably sharp. When he heard Gu Qing Yu’s footsteps, his whole body exuded a thick murderous aura!

Gu Qing Yu saw with sharp eyes that the man was holding a weird gun-like weapon in his hand. She was certain that if she dared to act rashly, or if she rushed up to suck his blood and feed herself only by instinct like she did in the past, he wouldn’t not hesitate to shoot her!

This human body was very fragile, just a knife would be able to kill her. She only had a drop of energy stored in her body now, she didn’t want to get herself killed….

Therefore, facing the pair of cold and murderous eyes, she raised her hands quickly:

“I don’t have any bad intentions!”

She continued, “I just smelled blood and wanted to see if something was wrong.”

A weak woman who appeared to be less than twenty, with one leg evidently injured badly, appearing alone at night in such an abandoned factory where even grown men were afraid to appear alone, keenly scented the smell of blood, and even found him easily in such a highly concealed hiding place when he had barely made a sound?

The man’s eyes filled with suspicion and the hand which he was using to hold the weapon tightened again.

Gu Qing Yu swallowed, “It’s true! Your blood smells….. very tempting.”

Looking at her clear black eyes and delicate and flawless skin, and then looking at her up and down, the man fell into thought.

This woman obviously looked like she didn’t have any force value and had been brought up in a pampered manner, but who knows, maybe this was her protective shell?

Before he could think of how to deal with her, the man keenly felt the strangeness in the air. His pupils shrank and then he moved suddenly!

Gu Qing Yu only felt that the figure in front of her flashed, then in the next second her mouth was covered tightly by a large and warm hand. Before she could exclaim, the man pointed the odd weapon in his hand to her head. The man wrapped almost her whole body in his arms. Smothered by his weird black coat, she struggled a little, and then his lips were against her ears, she could even feel his warm breath:

“Don’t move….. don’t make a sound, otherwise, I’ll kill you first!”

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