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Chapter 189 Dignity crushed to pieces

Gu Qing Yu, was unexpectedly Sir’s woman!

Duan Xing Yuan’s face burned, feeling as if he had been slapped.

Especially when…..

He had to go over to pay careful compliments to Sir. The moment he met Gu Qing Yu’s eyes, he felt as if his dignity had been trampled ruthlessly under her feet, crushed to pieces by her!

He’d had the same feeling of being slapped when Duan Yun Yun had spoken to Sir and Gu Qing Yu like a shrew and then was escorted by their grandfather to apologize to Sir….

Slap after slap, so hard that he felt his self-esteem had all been destroyed in front of Gu Qing Yu….

It would have been fine if the woman beside Sir today was someone else, but it was Gu Qing Yu, the woman he had once been so confident he would love for the rest of his life, the woman he now loved but couldn’t be with….

Disgracing himself in front of the woman he loved, was like killing Duan Xing Yuan.

He practically couldn’t breathe.

“Xing Yuan, hurry up and come in quickly…. your father-in-law, Xiao Ai’s eldest uncle and the others have arrived. Go and say hello to them first.”

Father Duan came out hurriedly then pulled him in.

Duan Xing Yuan was almost like a walking corpse, lost in thought as he followed his father in.

“Great, I’m finally going to meet the legendary Sir ……” Mu Ai had an exuberant expression on her face. She was actually only vaguely aware of ‘Sir’s’ existence, but since there was hardly any Mu Xuan Qing in her memory, she didn’t have any substantial feelings for him. She only knew that ‘Sir’ was the main factor that allowed their Mu family to maintain their current status, otherwise, although their Mu family would still remain a big family in the Imperial Capital, it wouldn’t have reached the point where all the major families had to be courteous to them.

But as she had never seen Mu Xuan Qing before, she had little knowledge of him. It wasn’t until she started preparing for her wedding that her parents became very perturbed, saying that they hoped ‘Sir’ would come…

Apart from her eldest uncle, there weren’t many people who her parents could speak of with such respect, so she couldn’t help but ask a bit more, and then she realized that the legendary ‘Sir’ was her little uncle and that many of their family’s businesses, including her mother’s family’s businesses, were looked after for the sake of ‘Sir’.

Such a powerful person, a person who was actually her little uncle, and she hadn’t met him at all.

Mu Ai was a little upset, thinking that her little uncle had forgotten about his family because he had become rich. He could have given them a hand, especially with the matter of Bai Xiuqi, which was still on her mind. If her powerful little uncle had spoken to Bai Xiuqi for her, wouldn’t she have been able to become Bai Xiuqi’s student a few years earlier? And not be robbed of this opportunity by that d*mned Gu Qing Yu….

But what was the use of talking about it now? She couldn’t even draw anymore….

Mu Ai’s complaints made Mu Xuan Yang and her mother lecture her severely, and then they told her all about what ‘Sir’ had done for the Mu family over the years, how important he was to the country, and why he needed to keep a low profile. Mu Ai was just a young girl, because after knowing that Mu Xuan Qing was actually so powerful and that he was such a counted figure, she soon developed a sense of admiration for this little uncle who she had little impression of.

When her Eldest uncle had informed them that Mu Xuan Qing would be coming to her wedding with Duan Xing Yuan, Mu Ai was excited, thinking that her little uncle had come entirely for her.

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4 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. It’s what people called calm before the storm. Well, I’m waiting for the big revelation of who SIR is and who will be their Mu family little madam. HaHaHa

  2. Seems like Mu Ai has still managed to preserve her naive yet malicious character until now.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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