Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 222 How come they can’t find a single person?!

Ent Special Effects, Inc. were aware of C Country’s laughable low-budget special effects and although this movie’s special effects wasn’t that bad, it was definitely not as good as theirs!

So they had been looking forward to seeing [Star Wars] crush [The Summit], especially since they were part of the special effects team that had worked on it.

To them there wouldn’t be a struggle at all. Which of their Hollywood blockbusters hadn’t made a fortune in C Country over the years?

C Country’s movies? They were only special in kung fu. Their special effects? It was a joke!

But they never expected, that reality would give them a slap in the face!

[The Summit] outperformed [Star Wars] at the box office!

Although [Star Wars] grossed more than [The Summit] on the first day, [Star Wars] probably made money too easily and the fourth movie was still the same as the first three movies. Furthermore, the plot was essentially the same as the first three movies, with nothing more to it than changing the place where destruction was caused and becoming a hero. [The Summit] however was a breath of fresh air and good-looking, and the special effects were no match for [Star Wars], so the next day [The Summit] rose to the top, overtaking [Star Wars].

And as word-of-mouth for the next two movies grew, [The Summit] grew in popularity while [Star Wars] slowly failed to make a dent, with only die-hard fans of the series and a few passers-by going to see it. Majority of passers-by however, were taken in by the huge hit [The Summit] which was highly acclaimed.

Not only did the company that had produced [Star Wars] feel the pinch, Ent Special Effects, Inc. who only did part of the special effects for the movie felt the pinch as well.

If [Star Wars] lost, didn’t that mean they had lost too?

That wouldn’t do. Who would hire them in the future to do special effects if they lost to [The Summit]? Not to mention C Country, maybe other studios around the world would be more willing to spend a third of the money to hire this Special Effects company from C Country to do the job for them!

Then sooner or later, their company would face a crisis and might even go bankrupt….

Anxious, Ent Special Effects, Inc. tried to get Fei Fei’s special effects team to join them, preferably by offering a high salary, so that the movie production companies in C Country would have to come to them.

But they didn’t expect that even after going to a lot of their contacts in C Country, with even the addition of their employees in their branch in C Country — reasonably, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find employees of a studio, even if it was to just poach two or three of them, as doing this would undoubtedly be a huge blow to Fei Fei’s studio which had only just made a name for itself. This was enough to make it impossible for the studio to recover and begin working again right away.

However, they couldn’t even find one employee.

Not a single one!

Enzo, the owner of Ent Special Effects, Inc. slapped his desk in anger, “Have you called the detective agency? How come they can’t find a single person?! They have to be registered as a studio, right? Where’s their boss? Have you found out who it is?”

The employee swallowed then said fearfully, “Yes …… it’s a woman called Gu Qing Yu, but she is an art student. We suspect that the studio is just under her name.”

“Gu Qing Yu?”

Enzo narrowed his eyes, “Book a flight for me, I want to meet this Gu Qing Yu myself!”

On the other side, after a week, Shen Ruiyi finally met Gu Qing Yu.

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  1. All these self-entitled business owners. Do these kind of people actually exist in real life? Most business people I know are smart enough to know that arrogance is deadly.

  2. What happened to her rush to destroy that useless sperms donation and leave his house

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