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Chapter 69 Let go of her!


Duan Xing Yuan was so angry that he couldn’t speak, yet the next moment, his hand was grabbed.

“Let go of her.”

The low voice was unhurried, but it carried with it a cold chill.

“Don’t think that just because you’re a dog under Sir…”

Duan Xing Yuan’s voice faded in the middle of his roar, his face turning pale instantly.

The man in front of him who grabbed his hand was…..

Mu, Mu Xuan Qing?

How, how could Sir be here?!

And, what did he just say?

Let….. Let go of her?

Duan Xing Yuan looked at Gu Qing Yu in shock. She….. she….. knew Sir?!

His gaze shifted from the impatient Gu Qing Yu to Chen Ran, who was now holding the car door open most respectfully, but looking over at them warily as if he would let the bodyguards behind him slam him to the ground if he disrespected Sir in the slightest!

But, how dare he do that?

Duan Xing Yuan let go of Gu Qing Yu’s hand, unable to bring out a word, feeling his arm hurt as if it had been caught in some sort of iron vise, but he didn’t dare protest.

When Gu Qing Yu saw Mu Xuan Qing, a smile flashed in her eyes, he was here. Indeed, it was so comfortable to be by his side, her impatience dissipated instantly. She stared at his face intently.

Mu Xuan Qing’s face heated up as she stared at him, only feeling as if he was being molested by her in broad daylight. He lowered his eyes, bit his lower lip, suppressed the itchy feeling inside, and said without the expression on his face changing: “Get in.”

She got into the car obediently.

Duan Xing Yuan was completely confused as he watched this scene.

He never thought that Sir, who was treated so respectfully by him and his grandfather, would know Gu Qing Yu! Moreover, from the tone of his conversation with Gu Qing Yu just now, it didn’t seem like the first day they met and, it didn’t seem like they were simple acquaintances either!

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Gu Qing Yu sitting at the back of the car and Chen Ran still waiting for Mu Xuan Qing respectfully…

Duan Xing Yuan’s heart went cold in that moment.

He had an unbelievable suspicion: if….. it wasn’t Chen Ran who liked Gu Qing Yu, but…


Then, what should he do?

No, he should say, did….. did Sir know about their engagement?! If he did, what would he do to him?!

It was clearly only a few seconds, but Duan Xing Yuan had thought about many, many things.

He looked at Mu Xuan Qing, lost for words.

From a distance, Sun Caiyu and Duan Yun Yun’s group also followed behind and seeing this scene, Duan Yun Yun frowned, “Who is that man? Why does my cousin seem a bit…”


Duan Yun Yun didn’t dare to say this out loud. Sun Caiyu was also confused. Although she knew that ‘Sir’ existed, with her status, she wasn’t qualified to meet Mu Xuan Qing, nor did she know his name; that ‘Sir’ to her, was just a legend.

So she couldn’t have imagined that the man holding Duan Xing Yuan’s hand in front of her was the legendary ‘Sir’. She just found it strange that Duan Xing Yuan looked like he had completely lost his usual aura, and it had become as if….

He seemed…. dull.

And not as tall and outstanding?

The other two girlfriends next to her had a different focus. They knew that Sun Caiyu liked Duan Xing Yuan, hence didn’t dare have any intentions towards him, but when they saw Mu Xuan Qing, their eyes lit up.

“Who is that? He’s so handsome and imposing… Yun Yun, can your cousin introduce us to him?”

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