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Chapter 113 Gu Qing Yu, you did it on purpose didn’t you?!

This time, the angle was directly from the cabinet and Lin Xiaoyi was looking at the dozens of paintings Gu Qing Yu had painted this term. Her eyes moved to the larger bottles of paint in the cabinet then she unscrewed one of them and poured it on all Gu Qing Yu’s paintings!

Everyone in the room was an art student so they knew how much effort it took to make a painting to their satisfaction, especially Gu Qing Yu’s paintings. This term, Gu Qing Yu had made rapid progress. She was already very good at painting but this term, it was as if her artistic veins had been blown open. Almost every painting was praised by the teachers, and she was always the best in the class….

And these dozens of paintings had been destroyed by Lin Xiaoyi with a bottle of paint!

**They couldn’t help but cry out in shock and look at Lin Xiaoyi with disgust. Even if you hate someone, you can’t steal from them and then destroy their paintings! This Lin Xiaoyi was really of low character!

Lin Xiaoyi’s face turned pale. How could this be? How could what she just did be caught on camera? Moreover, it was very clear that it was exactly 20 minutes ago so she couldn’t even deny it.

Her heart went cold when she looked at Shao Zihan and saw the disgusted expression on his face.

She looked at Gu Qing Yu, who had remained expressionless from start to finish and then at the screen where she carefully put the lid back on the paint bottle just leaving a slit before placing it in a way that looked like it had poured over the paintings on its own…. and suddenly felt that Gu Qing Yu was so sinister!

“Gu Qing Yu, you did it on purpose didn’t you?! Gu Qing Yu!!!”

Lin Xiao Yi shouted angrily and lunged at her but was pulled back by Shao Zihan, the police and the head teacher. “You already knew that I stole from you so you deliberately left the locker unlocked and set up the surveillance in order to capture this to ruin me, right? You evil, vicious woman….”

“If you didn’t have such thoughts, you wouldn’t have been caught on camera.”

Gu Qing Yu said coldly.

She hadn’t wanted to ruin Lin Xiaoyi in the first place, it was she who didn’t seize the opportunity. Since that was the case, she wasn’t to be blamed.

The evidence was overwhelming, making it so that the face of the head teacher, who hadn’t wanted to make a big deal out of this, look ugly, but in front of so many students and the police, he couldn’t down play things like he had originally planned to do hence he could only put on a severe expression then ask someone to take the things and Lin Xiaoyi away to the office.

The classroom was still very noisy even after Gu Qing Yu left, with the students in the classroom whispering together, so it was difficult for the lesson to continue.

The items Lin Xiaoyi stole added up to over a thousand, just enough to warrant a case, and not only had the stolen goods been found, there was also video evidence, so she couldn’t deny anything.

From Lin Xiaoyi’s confession, the items she stole from Gu Qing Yu were sold directly to students at other schools or put up on second-hand platforms for sale at a discount because her items were good, relatively cheap, and very popular. This had been done so many times that the total amount of money added up to at least ten thousand yuan. It made the head teacher’s head swell.

As this wasn’t something that could be settled privately, Lin Xiaoyi was taken and detained straight away. Although the penalty wasn’t very serious, she now had a record.

“Gu Qing Yu, we’re at least roommates in the same dormitory, can’t you just let me off the hook?!”

Before she left, Lin Xiaoyi’s hoarse voice yelled at her.

Gu Qing Yu only found it laughable. She had wanted to let her go, wasn’t it Lin Xiaoyi herself the one who had thrown this opportunity away?

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