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Chapter 315 Honeymoon trip?

The cabin was a good place and no one could get in at all. It was full of energy and very comfortable, and Mu Xuan Qing couldn’t tell if it was because of the abundance of energy or because she was too shy to do such things in Fei Fei’s cabin, but Gu Qing Yu, who was already very sensitive, became even more sensitive and just more….

But it made him become more addicted to her.

And with that, they didn’t come out for several more days.

Chen Ran and the others didn’t think too much about it. They only thought that Sir and Madam were in the laboratory replenishing their energy or something like that. After all, Sir and Madam were special and so they understood this. Furthermore, Sir, despite having suffered greatly from the energy over the years, after learning how to use it under Madam’s guidance, didn’t have such a deep hatred for it and had slowly started to teach them in the past two years so that they could master the energy and then use it. However, he never attempted to use it in the same heinous ways that No.00 had, because Sir was well aware of how much too much energy in the human body damaged it, so he taught them slowly so that they could master it properly before using it.

This time after Sir and Madam dealt with No.00 and healed so many, they definitely needed to replenish their energies and what they had to do was to guard them well in order to allow them replenish their energies properly.

Who knew that after Sir and Madam finally came out, Sir was all thirsty while Madam….

Cough, cough, alright, they didn’t even dare look at Madam who was annoyed and who had even stepped on Sir’s foot.

All this showed that, while they thought that Sir and Madam were replenishing their energies, they were instead doing a little something else in addition…

Ahem, Chen Ran didn’t look away. Forget it, he’d better not worry too much about Sir, he’d better worry about himself. At this rate of working everyday, he was afraid he’d have to marry his job.

Sir trotted to catch up with Madam then quickly coaxed her and then they showed their love again in front of their group of single dogs.

The corners of Chen Ran’s lips twitched then he simply looked away.

Gu Qing Yu narrowed her eyes as she stared at the trapped No.00. With the current technology on Earth, there was no way to make No.00 disappear completely now. If only he could be thrown into the universe, preferably onto a planet similar to the sun, then they would be done with him.

She didn’t think it was cruel to kill her own kind. No.00 was the culprit who had destroyed her home planet, caused almost everyone on her home planet to flee due to energy depletion and now there was no telling how many people he had already killed on Earth. No.00 deserved to die.

But it wasn’t good to hurl him straight into the sun. Who knew what the consequences might be? There was only one Earth and with so many living people on it, she didn’t want to risk such a thing, hence she had to look for a farther away planet that was similar to the sun.

Mu Xuan Qing, knowing her thoughts, said thoughtfully, “Qing Yu, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Qing Yu, how about, we have a special honeymoon trip?”

Space travel was definitely the most special honeymoon that no one on Earth had ever experienced.

Gu Qing Yu gave him a sidelong glance, a little speechless, “Sir, we’ve been married for years.”

Smiling faintly, Mu Xuan Qing hugged and kissed her then said cheekily, “Oh? Is that so? But I keep on feeling like it’s just yesterday that Madam and I got together……”

Gu Qing Yu rolled her eyes.

Space travel, it wasn’t impossible. She actually wanted to go out and have a look as it was better to find more energy. After all, something like energy, would always run out…

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